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Thelexmachine's Bio and Free Webcam

Real Name:
Lex Spectrum
Birth Date:
May 24, 1981
Interested In:
Men, Women, Trans, Couples
the wrong planet
Last Broadcast:
1 day ago
English-progressive 1st world, un petit peu Français, body/nonverbal, gibberish, troll, one-handed type and autocorrect
Body Type:
body positive | looks like a she/her femme, prob y ur here, do prefer THEY/THEM as I am closer to cntr of the gender spectrum
Smoke / Drink:
Medical MJ and nothing else ever again, my suicidal brain can't handle any more battering
Body Decorations:
3 small tats I'd love covered or removed, tiny gauged ears, rainbow hair
Pics & Videos:
Feet by Coop
Lex & Diego Suck
Dangly hangers an...
10min in stocking...
very quick nip suck
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About Me:

Not a mom. Not married. Not straight.
Not really a woman despite aging into a very curvy femme body.I am nonbinary trans so I should be in the trans section, but culturally we're not there yet and I'll always have a soft spot for straight dudes bc they're just too willing.
[and hey bi guys coming of age in the 90s, guess what, we're likely full of the same kinds of internalized homophobia and toxic masculinity, isn't that stuff fun?]

I'm about 5'5". Tits are 34H but you're trained to want and need stats/specs. waist 34 hips 42 I stopped wearing a bra after a rib injury in 2015. It still hurts but is finally improving. I don't wear makeup often anymore and was never a big fan. Feet are an 8 but unless you're buying me shoes or have foot sizes memorized against your dicks, why even ask?
I have always been poly and slutty. I am working on monetizing some of this experience but I suck at monetizing anything.

I am into all the bodies and genital configurations because I am actually into brains. I have the most experience w and thus have been trained by my weird life to help mostly nerdy, lonely, straight dicks.
It's what I've done since before I was old enough to accurately decide sexual partners for myself since adults decided for me a bit too early, and once I started consciously taking on queer partners, my straight partnerships were either "outreach", married to queer ppl, or so longstanding they aren't going anywhere. I'm grateful there's anywhere this ability is appreciated bc my health has gotten so bad, that no, I can't get to and hold a regular day job anymore. I've worked over 25 entry level jobs trying to find anything else I could do, each one ended with a severe untreated depression. I'm trying to finally break that cycle and so far I've done this longer than any other job and I still struggle with it. I'm definitely not making the advances I thought I could when I started and it's directly related to additional physical and mental trauma. A nootropic mushroom supplement has been helping me restore my cognitive function.

GUYS!!! the BEST thing you can use this site to do, is learn to read the person broadcasting/your partner. Are their hands busy? Can they realistically PM you right this second? Do they look aroused or not? Do you know how to get them to turn themselves on? I'm happy to provide SOME visuals just for your benefit, but my room is about mutual enjoyment, because if I'm not having FUN it's coerced, but consenting adults enjoying themselves should legally be allowed to exchange money for time and if you disagree gtfo.

You can copy me all you like, broadcasters, but you can't respond the way I would or otherwise BE me. If you are COOL to me, I'm more than happy to share my fans with other qweirdo 'casters because I'm not on 24/7 obvs. I'm ALL about bi/pan/queer community here when y'all are willing to announce yourselves when I'm NOT in the middle of trying to cum, and I AM interested in filming content trades with people that are in the industry. If you're going to be at the AVNs and want to film content or appear on my cam, tweet me.

Things I will talk about on cam ad nauseum:
Sex - Obviously, but mostly I discuss stuff like C-V distance because that should be common fucking knowledge. Google "Marie Bonaparte CV distance" and then google "map of the clitoris" and tell me the time between those two scientific findings isn't proof of the the UTTER bs that is both women's AND sexual health over the course of a gd CENTURY.
Gender - until you understand the expression of hormones over a human lifetime and how that affects gender in the mind, shut up. If you don't even know how many hormones the human body contains or what your endocrine system does, also shut up. If you are neither just female or just male you are third gender, welcome to the party most likely brought to you by environmental endocrine disruptors like BPA and smog air pollution... (my theory, but I can't possibly be alone here, real science people, help me out)
Mental Health & Addiction - I finally tried, after almost 20 years of resisting the call of the void, to end my own life in 2018. Even if I'm smiling here, I'm clinically depressed to the point of disability. I will often disappear for days on end or be on cam while obviously "off", that's why. I am not always ABLE to broadcast even my crazy. Answer me one question? If addiction is an illness, which it is [it's just ocd + a substance], why is it the only one where a healthier person is *allowed* and even expected to mistreat the less healthy one? Only asking because it shouldn't have taken me as long to recover from drinking as it has (people always assume worse and even adding this to my profile makes some of you more reluctant to tip me. fuck you) , but here we are and I am all too aware of the WHY. I was both brain damaged and autistic long before I ever drank daily and every single major injury or even outpatient surgery now endangers my life on top of causing relapse. Living alone is both my only option for recovery and completely unsustainable for recovery. If you are not actively fighting for sex workers, disabled people, and the homeless, get out of my life. I am or were all three of those things within the last 3 years.
Art - I am a portrait photographer [portrait packages start at $400 and yes I will shoot in the buff and shoot nudes or implieds of you] and abstract artist. If you are also an artist on insta [musicians, photographers, DJs, painters, actors, etc] I will add you to my art insta. Don't be a creep there or you're gone.
and please support me on patreon.

I am finally doing a little bit better and working with my Drs and therapist to get a routine in order for myself, but it's been very slow going.

I'm still not sure whether to give up on adult work completely or just relocate. Or how viable either of those options even is for me at this point. I'm likely just going to have to do the best i can where I am, I can't see the suicidal ideations leaving me alone long enough to really rebuild any kind of life anywhere.

Wish List:

For you to follow me if you like anything you see here.

PRETTY PLEASE for the love of all that is buttholy help me keep that thumbs up score on the desktop site over 100%

Buy me a ko-fi.com/lexspectrum Ko-Fi or join my Patreon for $1 if you're against paying f your porn.
If you are not, please buy my videos, or I won't be motivated to make more.

3000 tk single tip
2016: 1000
2017: 1100
2018: 2500
2019: 1500
MOST TIPS overall from a single tipper: 11,463

Help me buy boring essentials with ANY gift cards to lexpletive g m ail (I saved them up to buy the bed I sleep on, which motivated me to anchor myself long enough to find a home so I could get better faster or at least try, and some of the equipment I work with). Always the most helpful thing, as much as I love new lingerie and toys, I need to buy toiletries and tp more often. reality bites.

or spoil me with level ups
[still no generous fan has ever bought from this list, apparently the independently wealthy are not into chubby midwestern nerds]

I do love to travel as much as possible to be with my polyam partners all over the world [from before camming. my long distance video chat with them are likely what make me so amenable to this work now], and occasionally new friends.
Donate to my travel fund to make even one of these things happen.
Invite me somewhere I couldn't otherwise go.
I AM *STILL* TRYING TO VISIT A SICK FRIEND IN NYC/NJ. If you want to see it happen, help me out. Aiming for 2019 finally being the year.

Just come to the motor city so we can create, my passport expired and my ability to travel in general isn't high.

If you're the kind of perv that shares your porn with your friends, please do!
However you choose to support me in this art, please stay within your budget! I try, like a good faptender, to cut y'all off when you get crazy. Making your situation worse does not make mine better. Give to fapchurch only if and when you can actually afford to. It'll be here. That said, if you can afford to just dump money all over some person, this is true trickle down faponomics. Your money is going directly to help disabled midwestern queer white trash live a minimal and less garbage life. Yes, getting naked on the internet is a LESS garbage life. That's precisely my point. AND a bunch of other pervs benefit.

always buy your tokens from this link to give me a boost plz <3

OFans |
TIT pics, fan art, love/hate mail (please no Vogon poetry), and PP/GC donations

If you find ANY photos or videos of me elsewhere, please send a link and/or copy of the file to me at lexspectrum protonmail so I can share it here.

SIGN UP FREE to CHAT or to BATE with us
PLEASE click that bate link to create an account if you're planning to broadcast/c2c here. I know I've introduced/inspired a number of performers and the little bit of help would REALLY help. It will NOT share your username with me.


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