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Jan. 17, 1991
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Men, Women, Trans, Couples
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2 months ago
English & Spanish
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Be Yourself.

When you stop being yourself and become what others expect you to be, you lose the most beautiful part of your being: Your own identity. Even worse, when you set aside what makes you unique to become a normal person. A nice, amenable, easy person. You allow people into your life who you would actually prefer to keep far away. Little by little and without realizing it, your days become gray. Theres no brightness to inspire you or spontaneity to motivate you. Thus, it is your responsibility to discover and defend your own light, that one thing which makes you different. The one thing which makes you special in a world where everything is replaceable. Be yourself in a world full of like-minded people. The co-founder of Harvard Universitys negotiation program, William Ury, is one of the worlds greatest experts in the subject of communication. He has made a very valuable contribution to the field of personal growth. In his work, he also describes psychological processes about learning how to be happier in these complex and highly demanding personal, social, and professional environments. In Dr. Urys book Getting to Yes, he explains that the biggest problem people have when it comes to communicating, reaching agreements, or even establishing meaningful personal relationships is that we dont believe in ourselves. When we feel insecure, we put on masks and armor. If we live in fear, we will attract failure at every level. Being yourself in a society which works hard to create like-minded people is not easy. Schools teach children to think the same way and many companies also prefer docile workers who wont challenge the organizations policies. It is not easy to be unique when everything points us towards the same road and the same destination. Despite of all this, you have an obligation to yourself to put in some effort, to fight for who you are: a unique person. But being true to yourself has a cost. Just be yourself and special people will come into your life. People who are authentic, free, spontaneous, and a bit crazy are attractive. Theres one simple reason: they have said yes to themselves. Yes to accepting themselves as they are. Yes to being themselves even if other people dont like them. Right when you take this valuable but difficult step, everything changes. You talk more confidently. You are no longer worried about being liked by other people, because you are simply not looking for approval anymore. Being accepted at all costs isnt something you obsess over anymore. Because of this new mental and emotional state, sooner or later you attract the most wonderful friends and perhaps the one. People who accept and like you as you are, without a ounce of insecurity or fakeness. Up next, well give you some ways to help you reaffirm yourself: to say yes to your own wonderful identity. Last but not least, always remember the famous motto: Live and let live. Authentic and unique people value and love themselves. But they also let others be, and they respect other peoples worlds. We know that being yourself, in a world where this basic principle is not always respected, is difficult. However it is worth it. Therefore, learn to defend your identity and confidently let out the joy, magic and originality you carry inside of you. Only then will you open the doors to those people, things and opportunities thatll bring you authentic happiness.

Be Positive

Becoming a positive person, if you arent one already, may seem simple. But its not always so easy. Choosing to think positively is especially important if we agree with the idea that we are what we think. And thinking positively and adopting an optimistic attitude has a lot of advantages. Its much preferable to falling into the temptation of pessimism and defeatism. But why is it so important to think positively? What benefits are there to being optimistic and thinking positively? And what do we have to do to switch gears and see things more positively? Can we really change our way of thinking and become a positive person? A positive mind is a powerful mind. What we know for sure is that a positive attitude can take us to new heights that we wouldnt be able to reach otherwise. In that sense, changing our way of thinking can mean the difference between the person we are and the person we hope to be. We often blame others for our own failures and difficulties. We think they contribute to our low moments, but its not always like that. The next time a project isnt moving forward or you have some kind of problem, do a self-evaluation and carefully examine the situation. Think about how the mind so often controls what we do and how we react to people and circumstances. A positive person makes many deliberate decisions that play a huge role in their well-being. So we must ask ourselves, what do we gain when we choose to think positively instead of succumbing to the temptation of pessimism? Each individual thought and each decision we make has an impact on our lives. Being a positive person means changing some habits. Optimism is a learned trait. But that doesnt mean we cant re-program our way of thinking and seeing. Fortunately, as studies show, we can teach ourselves to see the world in a more positive way. One of the keys to getting that different perspective is by changing our habits. The reason is that habits can help us be successful or they can be an obstacle that drags us towards failure. Habits, good or bad, are inevitable and form part of our lives. Lastly, they have the power to shape our environment, making up a large part of who we are. Getting into good habits isnt easy, even for people who are very successful. When the time comes to make good habits a part of our routine, the struggle is real. Thats why being proactive and making an effort to build good habits is a challenge for all of us. Focusing on being proactive instead of reactive will help us create good habits and become a positive person. To start with, its important to keep in mind that its better to set goals to create positive habits than to try to get rid of old, bad habits. Habits of positive people. Below are some habits you can incorporate into your life to cultivate positive thought. They will help you be more optimistic and become a positive person.

1. Find an optimistic point of view in a negative situation: One of the simplest and most effective ways
to view things more positively is to ask more useful questions whenever possible. The goal is to try
to find the good in the situation, to turn the problem into an opportunity.

2. Cultivate and live in a positive environment: Choose carefully who you choose to spend your time with and what you do every day. The people youre around, what you watch, what you listen to, what you read To maintain a positive attitude its absolutely essential to have supportive and encouraging influences in your life. Look for people and activities that pick you up, not drag you down.

3. Go slow: When we move too fast things get tangled up. We think fast, we talk fast, we move fast We end up living a stressful and superficial life. Acquiring habits of positive thought means moving more slowly.

4. Stop Breathe Focus: Dont make a mountain out of a molehill. Its very easy to lose perspective, especially if you are stressed and moving too fast. Therefore, when you feel like negativity is consuming you, stop, breathe, and re-focus your thoughts.

5. Add positivity to your surroundings: What you give is what you get. If you add optimism and positivity to those around you, you will get the same in return. The way you treat others and how you think about them also greatly affects how you treat and think about yourself. Start by helping, listening, and smiling.

6. Have a healthy lifestyle: Exercise regularly and eat and sleep well. This will keep your body healthy and your mind clear. You will have the energy to control your thoughts and spot any trace of negativity.

7. Learn to respond to criticism in a healthy way: Criticism is almost inevitable: The criticism you give as well as the criticism you get. The key is to learn to manage it in a healthier way. To start with, identify what is true or objective about the criticism, and what is a personal perception or opinion. In either case, theres no reason to take criticism personally. Just let it go. In the end, a criticism isnt a universal truth and if you can learn something from it, if you can truly improve, great take advantage of it!

8. Start the day in a positive way: How you start your morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. So pay attention to how you are spending your mornings.

9. Smile! Positive people smile a lot, they always smile. When you smile you are showing optimism, good humor, respect, and youre giving off good vibes. In fact, when you smile you send a message to your brain that everything is fine. Everything is easier when you are smiling.

Its impossible to stop thinking, no matter how much our thoughts torment us but what we can do is choose other thoughts. As they say in the movie Peaceful Warrior, Life is a choice. You can choose to be a victim or anything else youd like to be.

When Ignorance Talks, Intelligence Laughs.

Sometimes when people remain silent in the face of criticism, envy, or provocation, its not for lack of an argument or lack of courage. Its just that when ignorance talks, intelligence stays quiet, laughs, and walks away. However, we all know that keeping calm when you receive criticism or scorn isnt exactly easy. According to a study published in USA Today, 70% of people feel hurt by criticism, 20% face it and reject it angrily, and only 10% reflect on it and let it go when it reflects nothing but ignorance. One of the reasons why its so difficult to accept criticism is that people need to feel accepted and reaffirmed. Criticism is the loss of this subtle, personal balance stitched together by pride but when criticism is based on profound ignorance, theres no risk to your self-concept. We should all accept that some arguments simply arent worth it. When there are ears that dont listen and narrow minds that cant be changed by explanations, its better to stay quiet, laugh, and let it go. Ignorance is the seed of intolerance. Lets start by focusing on the meaning of ignorance. We dont mean a lack of culture or knowledge. The most pernicious kind of ignorance is the kind that lacks the intimacy, empathy, and sensitivity to put oneself in the other persons shoes; the kind that likes to pass contemptuous value judgments. The highest level of ignorance is when you reject something that you know nothing about. When you even know that youre missing facts or information, but you prefer to dedicate your effort towards maintaining your position rather than to finding the information. These attitudes are the seed of intolerance and rudeness, which most of us have experienced in ourselves at some point. The most complicated part is that sometimes, ignorance exists in our closest circles. In fathers, mothers, and other close family members, who judge everyone else without knowing or bothering to learn about their interests or needs. In these cases, of course, intolerance, criticism, and offenses really hurt but with time, wounds heal, and you mature and finally come to understand many things. You understand that people dont change, and that people dont move from ignorance to knowledge because they dont want to. In the face of all these behaviors, theres no other option than to accept that the battle is lost, keep your dignity, and calm your soul. Understand that in the end, its better to stay quiet, smile with intelligence, and put distance between you and them. There are also too many professional humiliators in the world. People who seek to humiliate others, both in public and in private, to gain power. The root of this behavior, on occasions, is envy. You cant beat a humiliator by humiliating them, shouting at them, or being violent. The thing that conquers them is indifference, which shows them that they have no power over you. Youll make it clear what you think of their behavior once and for all. Be direct, maintain eye contact, and be very assertive. Later, if they continue with their attitude, show them that what they do and say doesnt affect you, that they have no influence over you. To conclude, we all know that the most harmful kind of ignorance can plant seeds along your path but its nothing but a weed. Think hard about which battles are worth waging and which arent, because the most important thing is to preserve your inner peace. Be skillful, be prudent, and understand that narrow minds never understand big dreams, and that some ears are deaf to intelligent words.


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