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Swettygirl25's Bio and Free Webcam

Real Name:
Birth Date:
May 3, 1988
Interested In:
Last Broadcast:
4 hours, 15 minutes
Smoke / Drink:
Body Decorations:
Pics & Videos:
About Me:

Prince Charming is coming to take his princess back to never never land, and Swettygirl25 has one final bash planned.

One Grand Prize Winner Takes All - 200 Videos and a three-hour private show, Swettys last CB Private.

Tickets: 25 tokens each, 5 for 100, 10 for 150.
Every tip of 25 tokens or more get you into the raffle!
Draw Date: May 3, 2016 as part of Swettys Birthday Party.
Prize must be redeemed by Cammiversary (May 11) because after that Swetty is gone!

XRAY2012 ~ 77 / BLACKBIRDXXX ~ 40 /SCORPM ~ 10 / GUZIE ~ 5 /.REALIS~4 / USER_BRA~4 / HYUBI~4 / EPIQQ ~ 2 /JIYUBI ~2 / MICHAELSNOW1975~1 / DRAMBUIE59~1 / COOKIEEATER84 ~1 / PASHKOZ ~ 1 / GARY6647 ~ 1/ SLIDERS1 ~ 1 / MICHAELSNOW1975 ~ 1 / CRAZYSIS27 ~ 1 / ODINBORSON ~ 1 /

The Swetty Sale
With a new life comes a new wardrobe and that means you can have a momento of Swettys time with you, clothing that as touched her sweet flesh. If you bury your face in it you will be able to inhale her essence.
What would you like? Bra? Panties? Dress? Top? Socks? The clothing item of your choice is yours for 1000 tokens (plus shipping costs). Its your last chance to get her naked, and you get to keep the clothes!

Swettys Story

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who wanted to dance. She had the moves of an angel, not surprising since she lived in Heaven
So she came to earth, and she came to Chaturbate. Someone had told her that there were a lot of lonely people there, men who would be cheered by her dancing and would treat her not only like an angel princess but like a goddess. Not wanting to reveal her heavenly identity, she called herself Swettygirl25.
Angels can only spend a short time on Earth, even if they are princesses, and the time has come for Swettygirl25 to return to her heavenly realm. She will always remember this time as she dances for eternity with the other angels.
In Heaven of course they have no need for earthly things. You really can't take them with you. So before she goes Swetty has to dispose of her worldly possessions
What you get is only limited by your imagination. A dress? Panties? Bra? Vibrator (and you know where that has been!) check out the price list below.
When the angel first came to earth she danced in London, and it was there that so many first came to adore her.
There was WACCKOWB, who rearranged his sleep schedule so that he could have coffee with her every morning before she turned on her cam. WACC fell in love and began taking lessons in the heavenly language, whispering sweet nothings into her sweet ear (which like all her body parts had a name known only to her most devoted followers)
SWEETNESS was the first to join Swettys red army, a calm mod who recognized an angel when he saw one. VINOU was inspired to perform, a special tune he wrote for Swetty and played in the afterparty. The song was a mainstay of his gigs across France, but its title may not be written here as he used Swettys real name in his tribute. He was the first of her big tippers.
Yes, in the daily afterparty real names were used by those in the know. As he broadcast day ended the true worshippers would gather in the room to further their adoration of the angel. Admission was by password only, and the password was her sweet name, the one her mother gave her. Those addicted to this princess would gather in her where it was even more like heaven than usual, complete with Kentucky Fried Chicken. Among those who danced daily attendance (and who competed to see who could tip the most) were IAMRAULY, SMANHUTCH, THE CRACKENEND, PHATKATMEOW, JAHBROKNEE, ACESKILLS, and BISHI3.
As the legions of adoring fans grew, so too did the growing pains. Swettys 32nd day online was the stuff of legend, but not in a good sense. Making friends quickly, she wanted to treat them by making them moderator. That turned out to be a huge mistake as testosterone laden bulls vied for Aphrodites attention. Then they turned on each other. Back then mods had the power to silence other mods (or even the model herself). The silence button was worked wild. At the end there were 16 red names in the room, none of whom could say a word for the next six hours. Swetty didnt know what to do, though she did learn that not everyone should be a mod.
Another early worshiper was BB0246 whose enthusiasm crossed the line to insanity as he became drunk on her beauty. WHELLSTER4 who provided the soundtrack to so many evenings (or afternoons in his time zone) with his internet radio show. Somehow his audience always grew when guys could see the icon that showed Swetty was in the room and listening.
In London the angel was silent, using dance and mime while she learned the earthly language. To help her she enlisted another sister angel who, unfamiliar with earthly ways, kept getting lost in London traffic.
There was ZZLORENZO14, who was also MICHAELUVSGIRLS when he tipped (and when he tipped he was very generous). He was one of the first to change his lifestyle as part of the Swettyholis, making sure he was awake when Swetty was online, even if it meant getting up at 2 a.m. every day.
There was PAPA (papapoli akanotpapa ) with his one token tips (lots of one token tips) and SCOTT from Georgia (the American one) who wanted to know all about heaven and it's people. And then there was SETH of the many names, so deeply in love he would do whatever Swetty told him to, even if it was stupid. How he explained to his wife the shoulder injury from trying to play guitar standing on his head we will never know, but Swetty loved the video of the attempt. (silly idiot should have just filmed with the camera upside down.)
But not all was perfect in the UK. Jealous neighbours, driven insane by the sounds of multiple orgasms, forc ed the two angels to move. Wanting even more they left London for a hidden location in continental Europe, and there, in July 2013 the lady found her voice with a mighty FUCK!
Those who dared, faced off with her in a marathon of sexual silliness, 26 hours online before she fell into a deep slumber while the camera rolled on. It was Sis who said good night to those who had left (or returned after getting some sleep themselves), and WACC who was named the winner of the marathon.
That marathon was the first of many contests. PUSSYMAN412 won her pillow, SMANHUTCH her glasses and MOJO-JOJO got to name her new toy. JTHOM1980 set a single day record for tips (19,173).
Those Swettyholics were a motley crew, very different from each other but united in their devotion. Even when their angel was offline they camped in her room for hours, singing her praises. Or they moved to SETH'S room where they could really be uninhibited. Or at least they were uninhibited until the lady sweet-talked Seth into giving her the password. That put a damper on things.
There was JPK222, whose arrival was always accompanied by an emote hat tip. That led to the real thing as he sent Swetty a top hat. Alas, he was at times less than respectful, leading to the hat being reduced to strips of cloth on cam with a sharp pair of scisosrs. It took him more than a year to convince the girls he had changed.
JTHOM1980 was an orphan who squandered his inheritance on Swetty, and he delighted in telling her and everyone else what to do. When he realized she would not seriously consider moving to Hell (otherwise known as the USA) to be with him, he found a mortal girl, nowhere near as pretty, to spend his life with.
At this point sis came on to mod full-time and to shoot the pics and videos that the swettyholics demanded. She was a mthyical creature who eventually consented first to sell pics of herself, fully clothed, then to provide more risqu pictures and videos. (This was primarily due to pressure from NENO3. sometimes known as NENO2 or BADNENO, who was quite willing to marry her even before he saw how beautiful she was.) Sis would drift in and out of the room, torn between being herself a goddess sand desiring to live a life among earthy mortals as just a beautiful woman.
NENO was caught up in a self-destructive love/hate relationship. He loved Swetty and swore allegiance to her and her only, while at the same time tipping other women (including SIS. NENO probably set a Chaturbate record for being banned and unbanned, always contrite, always saying he had reformed and always letting Swetty down. Mind you, he paid for his indiscretions, winding up in the monthly top three tippers list, usually second only to JT.
There was WINFIELD, the other Aussie (along with SETH and VERYBUSYGUY), good for a quip and a tip; and MARTIAI, the silent German who was always there but seemed tongue-tied in the presence of such beauty.
GUZIE was faithful till the end, though he could vanish for weeks at a stretch; JUMPRAM was one of the first to understand just how much Swetty loved those thousand token tips.
Not only was there a red army, but there was a green team, loyal fan club members, each receiving a green jacket from WACC when they joined. There were about a down of those at the height, then Swetty closed membership to newcomers.
And then there was LARA, about as useless as a lump of fur the world can imagine, but Swetty loves her and she loves Swetty, and she got to rule the room. Insulting the dog could get you silenced or banned. Insulting ANTONIO (SETHS cat) would get you applauded.
There were life events too. Birthday celebrations for Swetty and Sis, Saint days, Womens day, and, of course, tattoo day as Swetty unveiled the worlds ugliest tattoo. At lease she likes it.
But now the time has come for this angel to dance out of all of our lives. She leaves us with cherish memories, of her smile, her sparkling eyes, her gracefulness and her sexiness. We will never forget.

.. by FRODOBAGGINS (thanks for help and kisses )