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Spanishgent's Bio and Free Webcam

Real Name:
Birth Date:
Nov. 29, 1988
Interested In:
Last Broadcast:
16 hours, 35 minutes
English, Spanish, Italian, Portugues, Catalan, French , German
Pics & Videos:
About Me:

Welcome! Bienvenidos! Benvenuti! Bienvenue! Willkommen!

  • How do I consider myself?

    I think that I am a honest, polite, considerate, respectful and I always try to be the best person that I can be. So , I do consider myself a GENTLEMAN.

        1. The 3 keys I apply in my life of gentleman!

  • 1-Always be controlled.

    You cannot control everything, the world does not dance to the beat of your drum, but what you can control is how you react to situations and the choices you make. Getting angry and verbally abusive? Not the work of a GENTLEMAN. A GENTLEMAN tries to keep cool and calm and removes himself from the situation quietly if he fears he is getting too angry.

    2-Always be the best version of yourself.

    Being the best person that you can be is the way of the GENTLEMAN. A man cannot be perfect, but striving towards the basic core of humanity and decency is what makes a GENTLEMAN, once you dig beneath the suits and the smiles. A true gentleman knows his limits and keeps trying to stretch them, going further to both improve himself and to aid other people in whatever way he can.

    3-Always be considerate.

    Being considerate means being aware of your surroundings and the way you affect the people around you. A true GENTLEMAN always takes other peoples opinions and feelings into consideration before doing anything.

        1. Why am I here? My history

  • I am a person who entered to the business world at 17 years old. At that age I created a pirate version of a game , getting more players on my own server than the company had in its real game.

    At the same time I was managing this business, I was studying the Economics degree, since my time was short, the third year that the pirate version of the game was on, I decided to delegate to the workers I trusted the most, that was the mistake I made, as I gave them access to the dedicated server, because obviously to make changes to the online version of the server they had to have access, they joined among it and they stole me the files that I had designed, to sell them for a high price, soon after, began to arise private servers similar to mine. So I decided to leave the Economics degree a little parked even though I was already in my 4 year , because I wanted to be competitive again in my business and it was absolutely necessary that I had the time. I could never be competitive again because my product had spread over the internet and hundreds of private servers came out of the version of that game.

    It was at that moment when I said, I will study Industrial Electronic Engineering because it is the degree with more possibilities, but of course, I was unable to do just one thing, so I decided that I would specialize in Websites and in The poker at the same time that I was studying the degree. I specialized so much in poker that I ended up teaching my friends how to use statistics programs to interpret the variance of hands with which the opponent played, what was the trend they carried ... I also sold a few web pages and currently I still manage some of them. However, this time I was really focused in the degree, until the point, that I finished an Engineering Degree that lasts for 4 years in just 3 years and having the Best Qualifications of my promotion, presenting and passing all subjects to the First (In Spain is really difficult to do that, only 0,05% of the people pass all the subjects at the first in this Degree) .

    When I finished the degree had to do some compulsory work practices, but of course, the University sends you to garbage companies in which you are not paid, as I was not happy, I decided to apply for the talent program of a company that I searched myself , I passed all the mathematical, psycho-technical and linguistic tests that they did to me, as well as the interviews, being this the moment when my life changes. I was very happy because the company had hired me among many candidates, in addition, in a high position, but at the time I realized that I was not made for that job, since my position was to mistreat workers to lower costs. I lost motivation, my only objective was for the company to earn as much money as possible even if I had to fire workers, but I'm not like that, I'm a gentleman and a good person. So I decided to quit work and start on my own, but of course, I do not have enough money to set up a company, so now is the time to raise money and I will do anything, as you can see, to get it. One thing I have clear, the workers who work for me will be treated very well.

        1. Actual planning

  • Right now I have to get money to make my own company. It is for this reason that I do things that in my eyes a long time ago would be degradable. But I've learned one thing, I do not care what people think of me and I'll do whatever it takes to get my own company. I live in a country where it is impossible to find an investor, where it is very difficult to get money to be able to make your own plans, so I have come to the conclusion that the only way to be able to get what I am proposing is to open to the world and for that you have to use the internet. So I'm proud of everything I do even though people's eyes are degradable, I'm a gentleman and I'm sure of my actions. Among these acts are erotic web cameras, sexual services, erotic courses, yes, you have read well, I do all those things to be able to thrive.

        1. Intelect and skills

  • I have both academic skills and social skills. I think the combination of the two are the ones that make me be a different person and able to get anything that I propose.

    I have an intellecual coefficient much higher than the average, I am almost gifted, besides, I am emotionally a rock, I am able to control my emotions.

        1. Sexually

  • I am single. Straight. But a rare thing happens to me, I like bodies, I do not care if it's a man or a transsexual or a cat, I find it incredible what nature is capable of creating. So in spite of being straight could touch the chest to a man or the biceps, because it seems incredible to me what the nature brings us.

    Email to schedule private shows or to buy my used underwear:


    Wish List:

    Actually I am needing some staff to broadcast with high quality and resolution!

    Just click in the A from amazon to see what I am needing !

    I have paid pro DMCA just to keep my content safe so take care hehe!