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Satoshikitsune's Bio and Free Webcam

Real Name:
Birth Date:
Jan. 4, 1999
Interested In:
Ohio, United States
Last Broadcast:
2 days ago
Body Type:
chubby, short
Smoke / Drink:
Body Decorations:
About Me:

Use some fucking common sense you useless, desperate motherfuckers.
1. Male pronouns and terms only. No warnings, instant silences/bans for using the words clit, vagina, pussy, woman, slut, whore, girl, bitch, etc you get the point.
2. Do not dm me, instant ban.
3. Do not ask me to dm you, instant silence/ban
4. Do not ask me to do anything, encouragement to cum is fine
5. Do not advert your cam or ask to be watched, give out your number, or otherwise act desperate, instant silence/ban
6. No Daddy/Master/"I love you" talk or transphobic stupidity, instant silence/ban
7. In case it isn't clear yet, we dont do warnings here, infractions or even if you're just annoying will earn you an instant silence/ban. Trigger happy mods are my favourite kind :)
(((((Frequently Asked Questions:)))))
1. "How is you day?"
None of your concern, if I feel something is worth mentioning I'll probably mention it in-stream.
2. "Are you engaged/Are you in a relationship/Do you want to be in a relationship?"
3. "Are you transitioning to male or female?"
4. "Have you had top surgery yet?"
Seeing as I clearly still have tits, no.
5. "Are you getting top surgery?"
Yes, at some point in the future.
6. "Have you had bottom surgery?"
Seeing as I clearly don't have a dick, no.
7. "Are you getting bottom surgery?"
Yes at some point in the future hopefully.
8. "How long have you been on testosterone?"
Roughly six months.
9. "Do you get more horny on T?"
10. "Is it easier to cum on T?"
Before I started T my depression and the fact I had a female body made it harder to get horny just to be horny. Largely due to my depression and dysphoria I would masturbate maybe once or twice a month and it would take up to five hours to cum. Now that I'm on T, while I'm still severely depressed it isn't as bad as before, my dysphoria is getting better and I masturbate on average once a day taking about one to two hours to cum. Before I started T orgasms were about half as intense, but they lasted about twice as long.
11. "Has your dick gotten bigger since starting T?"
I have noticed some mild growth, its definitely girthier and does protrude a fair bit more. I can't give you exact measurements because I didn't measure before starting hormones but I had a fairly large one for a female bodied person anyway so it wasn't until recently that I noticed any changes.
12. "Are your nipples sensitive?"
Yes, they tend to be over sensitive because I'm autistic and have sensory issues. They can be painful sometimes and it isn't enjoyable. I need to treat them carefully or risk sensory overload and a lot of bad pain.
13. "What turns you on?"
Specific questions, because again I'm autistic. Vague questions are very difficult to answer. Ask about specific kinks please.
14. "Do you squirt, p i s s or shit?"
No. Fuck off.
15. "When did you lose your virginity?"
Around the same time you developed a sense of respect for other peoples privacy.
16. "Do you meet up for cash/free?"
No. And if someone somehow manages to track me down and shows up at my door, I will shoot you under the assumption that you intend to assault me, seeing as you went through the trouble of hunting me down and I don't see another reason why you would.
17. "Have you ever been with more than one person at once?"
No, and I never want to.
18. "What are you attracted to?"
I like dick. I don't care if that dick is on a man, woman, or nonbinary.
19. "Do you like bbc?"
Race has nothing to do with attraction.
20. "At what age did you know you were trans?"
Since I was little, but I repressed it because my home wasn't safe.
21. "Can you be my boyfriend?"
No, I dont even want to be your friend. I'm not here for you.
22. "Can I cum?"
I don't care what you do when watching me. Don't care if you cum, dont cum, if youre watching netflix or doing laundry. Im just here to get watched what the watchers want or are doing isnt my concern.
23. "Why do you not take tips?"
I consider taking tips a type of prostitution and I don't sell myself.
24. "You don't sell yourself but you have a wishlist up?"
I have the wishlist up to show stuff I wanna get for both improving the quality of the stream and for my own personal use.
25. "How tall are you?"
Five feet five inches or 165.1 cm
26. "How much do you weigh?"
Around 170 at the moment, I'm working to lose weight.
27. "Cup size?"
36C/38C depending on bra brand if I remember correctly, but I haven't worn a bra in over a year so that could have changed.
28. "Where in Ohio?"
What's the point of asking when I don't do meet ups?
29. "Do you accept gifts?"
If you mean do I accept money or digital currency like Chaturbate tips in exchange for doing what you want, no because I consider that prostitution. If you mean do I accept money as a donation towards completing my transition, yes I do, I have a P ay Pal account set up with a throwaway email for that purpose. Unfortunately, it is against Chaturbate terms of service to accept money outside of tips no matter what your reasoning is ;-; If you mean do I accept tangible, physical gifts sent to an actual address, no I do not as I don't have a P.O. box or the money to afford one and it would be plain fucking stupid to give out my address online.
30. "Are you lonely?"
Yes, kind of. I don't need you to fill the void though, thanks for the concern.
31. "Would you want me to suck your cock?"
No, I don't like receiving oral outside of my fantasies because of my sensory issues. Tongues feel unbelievably unpleasant on my genitals. Yes it is because of my actual medical sensory issues and not because I haven't met the right tongue. They all have the same texture and saliva, you aren't special.
32. "Do you like people cumming on you/in your mouth?"
No, cum is very painful for me to touch/taste due to its texture and flavour and my sensory issues. All my partners must wear condoms. I don't even like touching my own fluids because its just as bad. Lube is tolerable though.
33. "Do you deepthroat?"
No, sensory issues and a very strong gag reflex make it painful and not worth it.
34. "You're the perfect partner for me!"
No, I'm not actually. You don't know anything substantial about me. On top of that, I'm not interested in you.
35. "Why aren't you interested in any of us on a personal level?"
Because I have standards. I'm not interested in dating or fucking anyone I meet on whats basically an amataur hour live streaming porn site. I know I'm being objectified here, I know that 99.99% of you see me as female because I haven't had any surgeries yet and you're just humouring me with the pronouns and terms thing so you can get off to me. Why would I want to be with any of you? Why would I risk the constant uncertainty and anxiety that you're just with me for my body, that you wont care once I transition, that you'll try to stop me from transitioning, that you dont really see me as a guy? It just isn't worth the emotional strain and practical hassles on my end, and NO you cannot convince me otherwise.
36. "Do you have any STDs?"
Not that I'm aware of? I probably have that one super common strain of herpes that like 95% of everyone has because I have had cold sores before, but like, the nasty type of herpes? No I don't and I've always tested clean for everything else. If I do have something else it's manages to slip past the regular testing I've done since becoming active.
37. "It's a shame you're getting surgery, your body is lovely/The scars will be awful/(insert other stupid/transphobic/well meaning but dickish comment here)."
-->Implying my body wont be attractive afterwards? Fuck off, I'm not interested in being attractive to people like you anyways.
-->The scars will be beautiful, proof I overcame and survived something that life had no right to inflict on me in the first place.
-->Don't. Just. Don't.

Wish List:



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