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Quve's Bio and Free Webcam

Real Name:
Birth Date:
May 25, 1994
Interested In:
Men, Women
Bucuresti, Romania
Last Broadcast:
2 weeks
Body Type:
Work in progress
Smoke / Drink:
E-cigg / Ocassionaly a drink
Body Decorations:
Pics & Videos:
About Me:

Fun, voyeuristic, social guy, that likes making new friends.
Cool hanging out, chatting, meeting new people and find it even more fun while jerking off.
Woudln't trade my gender for anything in the world. It's awesome be a man. My dick is the biggest supporter of this fact.
I really like when other guys check me out at the gym locker and notice the gains I'm working hard for.
White, 183 height, 72 kg, fit and solid, brown eyes and brown hair;
I enjoy staying fit, rapidly getting bigger day after day. I do work-outs at the comforts of my home (sometimes naked and sometimes on camera) and at the gym;
Creativity helps spicing things up big time combined with sharp instincts are the foundation of mindfulness;
Dirty and kinky thoughts introduced themselves for as long as I can remember. Sharing them is part of my daily life (in the right context xD);
Having a complex personality created strong bonds with admirable and intelligent people from all around the world is and will be forever a HUGE TURN ON;
At the end of the day, my goal is to enhance your cock wanking/ or pussy rubbing experience;
Always horny, ready to shoot my milionth load for my amazing audience;
I don't dig labels. We are who we are. Sexuality exists on a spectrum and changes over time and with experience. I am furiously curious about new and different experiences. I crave the unknown with few limits and find taking fantasy to reality exciting and fun;
Dont overthink things. Just live and let live. Have fun. Be cool. Play safe.

Hung guys deserve their dicks appreciated and it fucking should be shown off and appreciated right. Just because you got a big dick, doesn't mean you have to act like a big dick and want to hear how hot and hung you are until you blow off a huge shot. I enjoy doing my part, and I know it is recognized and appreciated by most. Many male cammers enjoy chatting with me in a PM, or privately elsewhere, for their entertainment and enjoyment away from some of the fray. I try hard to help chat you off and happy to do it.

Don't want others to know what we are talking about, then ask for a PM. I play nicely with many, and put others interests first. I am of many varied interests, and therefore able to relate well with others. If you arent getting me, then maybe you just arent tracking, catching the puns, or possess the general attention, focus or intelligence to follow. I roll pretty quick and fluid, and engage as much as I possibly can.

If I could make ONE suggestion to all...try being respectful or nice (some guys like it a bit rough and I can respect that; to them that is being nice). But, yeah, you being you, being creative, being original and having fun are all great too! But be NICE (try it and you might just like it). Life is too short to store hatred or envy inside your wounded soul.

Sharing is caring, and we are all in this together. STEALING is wrong in all forms including internet piracy. Dont be a dick - stroke one instead. Most of you I have met over my several years here have all been cool as fuck. We are all on here having a good time! I'm here to hang with those that are having fun.

Jerking off is so fucking great and I love finding a way to do it whenever I feel the need. Not to mention, as often as I can too. Which is pretty regularly I will happily admit. Jerking off is the purest and most fun form of male bonding, so why make it weird?

Sometimes I am able to cam, sometimes not, but I always like chatting dirty and being verbal.
Tell me a bit about you. Your age and stats are a great start.
A pic, two, or even more is even better.

Wish List:

Just seeking cool chat, a fun show, and a good finishing CUM SHOT. Also wouldn't mind the occasional gift *_*