Mind Controlled Sub 1


Day after day, you come crawling back for more Mesmerizing sessions. This is just one of many in an unending spiral. Each session I take more control over your brain. Seems like every time you see Me, you fall deeper and deeper under My spell. Getting inside your head is so easy! I get anything I want, and all you can do is sit there - drooling, jerking, giving Me everything that made you an autonomous man. My jerking zombie slave, stroke until I feel like you've earned the privilege to cum. You crawl back to Me like the poor brainwashed junkie you are, begging Me for a deeper headfuck. You'd do anything for Me, remember this. Every waking moment, focus all of your energy directly on My happiness. I am deep inside your consciousness and there is no release for you.

You may unlock this video set for 110 tokens.

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