Control Collar Pt. 2: Puppy Slut


TW: Coercion After our first session together where you took control of my body with a mysterious dog collar you sent me, I'm back for more! I've been trying to masturbate all week but haven't been able to cum... I think it must be the collar. I can't take it off, so I'm calling you to ask your permission to let me cum. I'll humiliate and degrade myself for you if you'll just let me cum... I'll make such a good little bitch. Tags: thin, skinny, petite, brunette, curly hair, shaved head, brown eyes, sub, submissive, dom, dominant, slave, master, D/s, bdsm, powerplay, pet play, puppy play, degradation, humiliation, slut, bitch, whore, cunt, nasty, trans, transgender, tg, nonbinary, nb, enby

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