My First Public Humiliation Experience


A fantasy that lurks in the deep recesses of my mind is public humiliation and public degradation play. Normally, I'm too much of a prissy princess to really see those fantasies through; however, this night was a bit different - it must have been the lunar eclipse! During a public cam show, I decided to let the viewers tell me what I had to write on my body. By the end of the night, I was covered in things like "cum slut," "fuck pig," "oink," "cum dump," "fuck hole," "I heart cock," and a drawing of a cock squirting onto my boobs. Not even my pretty little face was spared the body writing treatment. After covering my body in degrading words, I let the viewers tell me what to say on cam, producing such gems as, "the only thing I'm good for is having my holes filled with cum" and "yes sir, please use me as your cum container." After all of that, I was told to cum onto a cookie and eat it. This video chronicles my first on-cam public humiliation in front of about a hundred people. 34m 34s

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