Anal Training Part 1


I have been aching to take a good fucking in my ass for some time now. But the cock I want in me, Shane Diesels cock, is SO BIG. I have to train my body for his cock. I want to please of course. So I fuck myself with various different sized dildos. Thicker and longer every step up. I can feel it stretching my tight walls. Its almost too much, but I keep going. I have a goal in mind and know my efforts will be worth it. I add lots of lube, pull apart my ass cheeks, and even fuck my pussy to make sure all my muscles are nice and relaxed to take his big cock. In Part 1, I train with three different items. One is a glass dildo, nice and easy to start. The next is a more realistic cock. Very average in length and girth. He slides in fairly easy after my glass pushed that lube in deep. I fuck myself for a while, getting lost in the pleasure. Then I grab one of my largest butt plugs, and try to push this behemoth into my tight hole. This is where I know I've done an excellent job for today.Can't wait till next time!

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