Submissive Kasey


My name is Kacey, submissive number 7, and today has been a bad day for me. Whilst serving Daddy I failed to satisfy him entirely which is unacceptable. I know that this means I need to be punished and am willing to accept my punishment. My punishment shall be constant and regular spanking until Daddy believes I have learnt my lesson. These spanks will continue until Daddy believes justice has been served. I will count these spanks and have been given permission to say something in between these spanks, as long as it is short and I say it twice. Daddy has many other servants and I am trying to be the best sub I can be. Unfortunately I sometimes make mistakes which makes me a complete fucking whore. But I am Daddy's whore and will do what it takes to be given another chance to serve him. Thank you for this. Then I continue with more spanks. Then I finish the video with another paragraph

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