Outdoor Over A High Ledge Fucking


Daddy has Princess on her knees in front of him, moaning because she really wants his cock! He tells her that if she does a good job that he'll fuck her nice and hard. Princess *REALLY* wants to be fucked and she excitedly wriggles before taking all of Daddy's big cock down her throat. She gets Daddy's cock nice and messy, giving him an intense sloppy blowjob to please him. Every inch of his shaft sliding in and out of her throat and making her gag. Then Daddy grabs her head and takes control, fucking her mouth HARD! Princess does as she is told, cleaning up her slobber from Daddy's cock and balls, before telling Daddy exactly how much she wants his cock in her pussy. She *begs* for him to fuck her and finally he decides that she is ready. Daddy bends Princess over a wooden fence on a high up ledge and fucks her tight pussy so hard that she screams and moans with every hard thrust. She takes all of him, over and over again and moans so loud that anybody could hear them.

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