1 year Camiversary

I just want to thank everyone who has helped me get to this point so far. My favorite thing about camming is definitely the flexibility of this career. I get to meet people from around the world. I have some of the best fans and I am so honored to have their support over the past 365 days. I've developed so many friends from lovable fans to other models that I talk to on the daily. xoxo to you all. In this next upcoming year, I hope to be able to start using OBS, film in 4K, get some modeling pictures in the great outdoors, and set a regular schedule. Thank you everyone for helping me move... 3 times... California -> Arizona -> Alaska -> and my new beautiful house in Alaska. And helping me with Tax season (was totally unprepared but ya'll saved me and I am so very great full).

Chaturbate - sheabaebae's photoset - 1 year Camiversary