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Milly17's Bio and Free Webcam

Real Name:
Birth Date:
Aug. 13, 1998
Interested In:
Men, Women, Trans, Couples
Middle of nowhere
Last Broadcast:
14 hours, 56 minutes
Body Type:
thin yes i have stretch marks get over it
Smoke / Drink:
Body Decorations:
Lip piercing two small tattoos
Pics & Videos:
About Me:

    1. I see him, unattainable from where I sit . His eyes the color of melted chocolate, burning deep with desire He kisses her, his lips melting away into her skin. I can feel myself oozing, the heat of the day has no mercy on me. I want to reach out to touch him, to take what should be mine from him. She's reaching down now, her hand gliding against his erect shaft. I want to taste him, to know what his cock feels like slamming against the back of my throat. I want to please him, let him use me. She is my roommate, I hear her moans, little noises begging for more. I despise her for what she has. "Can you please just close the door?" I feel myself suddenly blurt out. Her eyes catch mine and she allows her lips to curve in the most seductive way. The door slowly creaks shut. . . this is where the fun begins. I lift myself from the couch and cautiously walk to her room, listening. Moans escaping her throat, the sound of gagging. Here I sit, lusting him.

    1. First off THANK YOU FOR VISITING MY ROOM!!!! Everyone here is more then welcome to freely express their sexual desires (as long as its not something illegal kay - no pedos) . I am a frisky 19 year old with some BIG dreams. I love to read, write, draw and paint. I am a wise and creative soul (although my video making skills are just horrific). To my regulars, we really do become friends. Thank you Sinner, Kos, Liquid (aka chuck Norris), dragon_party, Zack and of course the many others who make this room what it is. I am here to support a lot of things, not just paying my bills though. I am a college student and with every tip you are helping me fight debt!!!! YAY NO DEBT!!!!! I also take care of some family members who are very sick and cannot afford assistance from a healthcare company for aid. I am very driven and truly a unique, caring and generous human being. I strive for honesty in this room if I cant do something I will tell you , and most of the time I will refund you if needed. If you are looking to become my daddy there are a few things you need to know about having me as your sub. I enjoy being pampered and spoiled as much as I enjoy pleasing you . Join my monthly thingy, get my dig# and let me please u.

  1. HELLO

      WELCOME ALL! I AM MILLY THE SUPREME OVERLORD OF TACOS!!!...for real could eat tacos for the rest of my life and be happy. If you want me to love you, buy me tacos. Buy me tacos and u can see my Taco *awkward wink*. Anyways why are we here? We are here because I am addicted to cumming, and not just alone but for you. I can be a sub, I can be a dom I love both. I love my vagina. Please let me touch it ? OHHHH and you should know I can really stretch this pussy. Huge toys are my thing. I am not here to judge you so dont judge me haha. Yes normal penis still pleases me , but on my own I really like feeling thick toys inside of me. There is a lot of space that needs to be filled in my soul, I do this with Tony (he is my bbc). You will find that I am an extremely friendly person who is true to their word. I love to just chat and laugh with you guys. Yall make me happy. I am 19 and looking to share the fun. If you have a fetish and you want to know if I am interested just ask me in a tip note. I do enjoy most fetishes, so dont be afraid to be yourself. I am here for you guys, tokens are always appreciated they help keep me going and also show me you love what I am doing. I try to go with the flow of what you guys like, so please keep me in the loop. Uhmmm yeah thats all I have to say for now. Thank you for coming in take a seat and get ready to beat! (fap fap fap fap fap)

      Milly the Perv
    1. Tip Menu

      Private Message - 25 Tokens
      Flash Feet - 30 Tokens
      Flash Tits - 35 Tokens
      Flash Ass - 40 token
      Flash Pussy - 50 Tokens
      Finger Pussy(30 sec)75 Tokens
      Finger Ass(30 sec)100 Tokens
      Finger Both(30 sec)200 Tokens
      S N A P - 250 Tokens
      My Pantys - 500 Tokens
      My Digits - 1001 Tokens

    1. Rules
            Be Nice.
            Call me Milly.
            Tip for Requests.
            Don't Beg or Demand!!!!
            No Pet Names Like BBY, Babe, Baby.
            Don't Ask My Location, or my Identity.
            Respect me and everyone else in the chat.


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