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Mila_'s Bio and Free Webcam

Real Name:
I am serious, and don't call me Shirley.
Birth Date:
June 1, 1915
Interested In:
The internet box
Last Broadcast:
2 days, 15 hours
Body Type:
a worldie
Smoke / Drink:
Red wine sometimes
Body Decorations:
Pics & Videos:
About Me:

I keep getting the same question over and over... 'what is your room about?'. Here is my answer if you care to read it:

A piano traveling in a straight line at 38 mph down a 6 story brownstone and headed directly for your head wouldnt be as blunt as porn is today. I get it, overwhelming your senses is very effective if you are looking for a quick release... Every pore and sigh magnified to the Nth capacity. But then there is a certain sadness that lingers after, after the clip is over. Perhaps it is the realization that we let the animals in us win. Maybe it is the fact that none of it resembles our real lives. And possibly there is a bit of disgust with ourselves in the mix too, like eating a full pint of ice-cream in one sitting.

The allure of porn for me has always been of a different nature. Some might say women are less visual and this is why we dont like porn as much. But I do not know if I agree. What arouses me the most is being confronted by a very specific feeling... the feeling of being overpowered yet protected by a strong man. And the only way to find this feeling in porn is to look backwards, to a past in which women were allowed to be coy and to pull back, it was your job to chase them.

Before the internet and the flood of extremely crude porn engulfed us there were "gentlemen magazines". I have collected hundreds of them over the years. I buy them off ebay. Penthouse and Oui are my favorites. Their pages are filled with half-naked, half-dressed ladies looking straight at you while covering themselves with one hand, it is the most exquisite thing.

The ladies in these magazines could be your friends, your neighbors or your classmates, their bodies were natural. Magazines from the 70s are the best because they were printed before enhancement surgeries were even invented, before bald kitties were a thing and before being thin as a stick was the look of choice. I love the look of these regular girls because they resemble the women I see every day all around me and that is just so much sexier.

That said, I am not a non-nude model per se. But that doesn't mean nudity will always happen or that you should expect it in every show. I mostly do what I feel like doing at my own pace. Begging doesn't work and I don't do requests, but you can try to influence my mood with tips, sips, and chat. The more fun we are having the more likely it is I will feel like it.

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