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Madisonnmaster1972's Bio and Free Webcam

Real Name:
Madison and Master
Birth Date:
March 4, 1972
Interested In:
Men, Women, Trans, Couples
Pennsylvania, United States
Last Broadcast:
1 day, 12 hours
Smoke / Drink:
Smoke and Drink
Pics & Videos:
Fast Foot teaser
After show Pics
Feet Lovers
Tit and dick Pics
Loving Jimmy Dick
The Dick Madison ...
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About Me:

**********Facts about Madison and Jimmy*******
Jimmy is 51 and loves to build race cars from top to bottom. He was born and lived in Fla all his life. He loves motocross. When jimmy is not building a car he loves to do things with his family. He made my whole playroom from the glory hole to the sexy table and doggie table.Jimmy Birthday is Feb 5. Jimmy is a very proud man over the size dick. and yes it is beautiful 9 inches of Joy. A little fun fact about Jimmy is, Before I would date him he had to send me a pic of his dick, and as soon as I said that The fucker sent like 5 of them, lol
Madison is 46 and was born and lived most of her life in the Big Apple, I was born in Brooklyn lived there until I was 10 and then moved out to Long Island NY. I enjoy farming and grow my veggie in the summer time. I love to go home and be wild for a weekend.My bra size is 40 D
** So this is the deal with my room, NOTHING is planned out, when we have people over , It is not a show that was planned out, I do not say to my friends come over and lets =ACT out like we do not know each other just to get a room going, THIS IS NOT FAKE THIS IS REAL. SO when you guys see him for the 1st time so do I , I have never talked to them or seen them.If you think my room is to dark well it is dark, I am in a real glory hole booth. Not just a wall with a hole in it, and both sides of the booth is closed off with doors, My glory hole is just want you would find in a real booth in a adult store, They are not well lighted at all, Since the guys who come over want the real effect of being in one. SO sorry if you do not like the lighting,We do not put on so called shows, we are real people who love talking and joke and playing on cam, we like to meet new people *****
************* About My MOD*****************
I have this wonderful Mod by the name of Cheech, I do not care how many followers a person has with out a great mod to keep that room going and people laughing and talking, You room is nothing. I just love when I am on and my Mod comes into the room and everyone greets him and he greets back. My Mod makes my room fun for all , The one thing I want my room to be is friendly that means everyone talks color or Gray. We like to play games with everyone. My Mod takes control of my room and makes games for my Grays. All I ask is the he is respected at all times, If you do not respect him I will ban people I do not care if the person has tipped over 1,000 tokens before, They will get ban or kicked, My Mod works hard in my room making sure everyone is being nice to each other and at times I do think it is hard for him to also enjoy himself when he has to keep booting people out who can not read the rules of my room,
*****Rules for my whole room****
Pm me is 25 tokens for 5 mins, I can not be Pm you all night long when I have tons of people in main chat,
All talk about the Glory hole must be in a tip note of 10 tokens
All dirty talk must be in a tip note,
All request are done my tip menu, If there is something you want and do not see it, It must be asked to me in a tip note, I am willing to do it,
Do not ask me to look at your cam, I will not
I will not do a priv if I am in my main chat time, You can set up a time and day for that.
Do not email me , I will email you and you can send your email in a tip note for 20 tokens .

********************Rules for my Grays**************
Here in my room all Grays can talk and ask questions, and I will answer them, I want everyone in my room to be able to talk and have a good time. I do play games with my Grays to make them apart of my room. When I have tic shows, My grays (12 ) of them can win a tic, so the fun just does not stop with the chatting and then all of a sudden the cam is off for my show, Nope 12 lucky grays get to come in, I do not believe in taking something out on all the grays when a couple get out of line, I know some will stop all grays from talking, Here I just block the assholes who can not just follow a few easy rules,
1 Please do not be rude,
2 Please do not demand things,
3 Do not come in my room and say show boobs, start sucking, No one controls what I do and when I do them I will do them when I am good and ready to.
4 My Mod will let u know when you are on the line to be blocked and if his words go unnoticed by you or for anyone for this matter You will not Ban and blocked
5 Please do not ask me to Pm, I only Pm a few grays and that is because they have been with me for a while when I was new to CB and I was still learning ,They stood by me,
6 You need to respect everyone in the room and they same for the color names, because who ever started it gray or color that person will be blocked
7 Please do not call me names, There is no one in this world that is perfect and I am sure the person who is doing the name calling, there are a couple of nice words people can say about you,
8 Please do not ask how to get to visit my Glory Hole, Because in order for that you must become a fan member, which is 50 tokens.
9 If this is your 1st time in my room Please say hi , We all love new people and want to make you feel welcome!
10 Please follow me, For me when you do, I feel like that is just as good as getting tokens.
******** My Glory Hole**********
In order to come have fun in my glory hole and Meet us, You must do a couple of things 1st.
1 You must be a fan club member,
2 You must email me and we need to make sure you are not a sick fucker, Remember You are coming into my play room
3 You must send a pic of your dick.
Please keep in mind we do not let everyone come to the hole, We are picky and we all must feel comfy with you here and you need to feel the same.
4 You must have respect and never do anything behind my Jimmy back,
*********** The Gray I enjoy the most are::************
Cougar, Theuglyduck,Jim2147,Hawkeye_in_az,Bob, loveandpeaceandtits,lov2watch4321, everestdick
********Become a Fan Member****
I just love when new people becomes fans members. What u get
1 Pics that are Posted
2 My snap name
3 Free tics to all my shows
4 24/7 Emails, You can email me whenever u want
5 Your name will become Green in chat so everyone knows you are a fan member
6 and of course the chance to meet us in our play room,*****Come Join my fans **********
jbbc19802 ( My fan that no matter what is in my room every night)
metem1 ( My very 1st fan I ever got)
**********The time we are on are on cam********
Monday 8pm to 1 Am Tuesday 8 PM to 1 AM Wednesday 8 Pm to 1 Am Thursday 8 Pm to 1 Am Friday 8 Pm to 1 Am Saturday 8 Pm to 1Am
********** My Top Tippers*********
Cheech, Zeger,

Wish List:

100 tokens 500 tokens 1000 tokens, Guys becoming a Fan club member


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