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Kosplay_keri's Bio and Free Webcam

Real Name:
Birth Date:
June 1, 1987
Interested In:
Men, Women, Trans, Couples
Last Broadcast:
13 hours, 35 minutes
Body Type:
Smoke / Drink:
No / Pineapple
Body Decorations:
Half thigh tattoo, full calf tattoo, naval/ear piercing
Pics & Videos:
About Me:

Profile updated on October 19th 2017 to include MORE Randy options!

Why you may ask? Because... Cappy said he wants ONLY Amazon gifts to grant upgrades... but part of the compromise is that those would be Stoutamus upgrades instead of Maximus upgrades! I guess that means we need SOME way to get maximus in the rotation... right?

Every couples show, when 1000 tokens has been reached, cappy himself (no rigged dice that way!) will roll a d20 to see if randy will be an OPTION for the night!

1 - Critical miss! Randy will be one stage HIGHER then whatever is tipped! This means... if the room desires either randy or my ass getting fucked at the basic goal. but if tipped for Randy Sr, The upgrade will be to Stout, if tipped for Stout, he gets Maximus, if tipped for Maximus, he gets... LOL

2-15 - Randy is ALLOWED. This doesn't mean he's automatically getting pegged, it means that the rules regarding Randy further down the profile are in effect.

16-19 - SAFE. No randy tonight. Cappy is safe from pegging of any form on these nights. Cappy has said many times that he is unable to get erect because of the fear of Randy, in these cases he should be able to remain aroused in a variety of situations, including the almighty footjob-a-la-Lance. lol

20 - Cappy is free to express himself sexually, this doesn't mean cumming in my mouth, or spanking the shit out of me, I have to be 100% clear that this is NOT a revenge roll!

Please note that if you have a Stoutamus upgrade to your name, it can be used so long as he is due to receive Maximus. You get upgrades through purchases from my Amazon wishlist (And of course my videos!) Before shipping: Any gift from the wislist OR $25 gift card gets 1 upgrade, $40+ get 2 upgrades, $60+ get 4 upgrades, $80+ get 6 upgrades, $100+ gets 8 upgrades AND a solo custom video of either me or Cappy!

Want easier access to my all my pornos? Check them all out here! https://www.manyvids.com/Profile/131561/ Kosplay_Keri/

The art you see on the wall on my shows is drawn by:

That Joker Guy and Andrew Wuorinen

If you want some for your own wall they do commissions :)

I am the original cosplay roleplayer of Chaturbate!

My typical schedule is Thursdays and Sundays starting at 7PM Eastern. Follow me to receive an e-mail! If I am cancelling or making an extra appearance I will notify you through Twitter and Facebook!


Welcome to Porno-Theatre! Where you pull out the popcorn first and your weiner a little later!

Female name - Kosplay Keri

Male name - Captain James T. Enterthighs

These rules apply to all viewers in my room: Grey, blue, purple, regulars and red.

If my mods silence you, you did something wrong and I will stand by their decision. Remember it's only temporary. It might even be a joke to silence you! If you get banned by me, you did something wrong. Feel free to PM me on Twitter or Facebook, if you were truly rude, you're not getting re-instated, but if I'm feeling merciful or you've explained something, I can always remove the ban.


Want anal action? If I'm in a couples show their is the option for ass fucking! If the room total reaches 1750+ Cappy gets Randy Sr. If the room reaches 2500 and Cappy hasn't been pegged yet, you have the option of me (Girl) getting assfucked instead! If the rooms total reaches 3000 before any anal penetration happens then Randy Stout will come out to play instead! Randy Maximus is at 3100. If Randy is summoned the highest tipper will have the choice as to whether or not Cappy is allowed to cum!

If Cappy has an "oopsie" moment where he cums when he is not allowed to, he will automatically get upgraded to the biggest version of Randy on the NEXT show at goal, and he will not get ANY sex or cock sucking at ALL!

Follow @KosplayKeri

My Youtube has Cooking with Batman, and random hilarious shinanigans and most recently Madlibs with Harley Quinn! Be sure to subscribe!
http://www.youtube.com/user/KosplayKeri? feature=mhee

WARNING!! Any institutions, individuals, and/or third parties using this site and/or any of its associated sites for studies or projects, and/or any duplication (for any reason) and/or posting to any site - You do NOT have my permission to use any of my profile and/or pictures in any form or forum past, current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of our privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications under the Privacy Act, Copyright and/or other! Any videos or galleries purchased are for your own personal use! If you happen to discover the personal identities of the broadcasters in this room, you are not authorized to disclose that information to anyone for any reason. Watching this room implies that you consent to my terms. If any identity is disclosed through any means, you will be prosecuted for damages to the fullest extent of the law for breach of trust.

Wish List: