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Joejoe_n_katiekatt's Bio and Free Webcam

Real Name:
JoeJoe & KatieKatt
Birth Date:
Nov. 15, 1991
Interested In:
Men, Women, Trans, Couples
Last Broadcast:
8 months ago
Body Type:
Tattooed and beautiful :)
Smoke / Drink:
Body Decorations:
Tattoos For Him, Pet Collars Butt Plugs For Her
About Me:

            About US

          Hello We Are KatieKatt & JoeJoe we are out an going & happy Couple. We are full time nympho for each other, We have lots of fun together. We enjoy reading, sports, exercise, cooking, & taking on new challenges.

          We are very open minded and really enjoy trying new things & talking so please feel free to talk, dont be shy &please be respectful of us &other member's in our room & of course please have fun!

            A Little Extra Background
            Our First Date


          Our first date was very intense, exciting, and fun I had never and still have never met anyone like JoeJoe his eyes were so intimidating, and still are JoeJoe's eye's are so so black it took me a long time to look into JoeJoe's eyes I feel under a spell, or in a trance of dark love when i look into his eyes I feel loved, happily powerless, and so protected it is a tranquil rush every-time I look into JoeJoe's black eye's the feeling is unbearable while JoeJoe's inside my body and he looks deep into my eyes I feel like well I said happily powerless and loved :) and yes its true he did tell me very seriously, in a strict yet loving way that next time he seen me my pants and panties were coming off, I have to say that was the first time I cummed my panties but trust me he made me do it a lot after that he makes me do a lot lol and I love that about JoeJoe he give me strength, courage, and, acceptance to be free of social norms free to be me, a slut like I was designed to be, he taught me how to live really live! I will live and die for JoeJoe forever & ever I always knew we would be together forever his wish is my command he is dark he is my darkness.

          :) :) :) <3<3<3

          Ps, email me to purchase my recollection of our second date I had no idea how dirty and sluty i was nor would I of accepted my slutty dirty side before my second date with JoeJoe, JoeJoe taught me to be proud to be a slut. :) <3 :) oxox


          Our first date was amazing, It felt so peaceful, calm, and happy for the first time in my life. She calmed me like no other before her, her beauty was mesmerizing i could not take my eyes off her she was and always will be my beauty. Her beautiful blue eyes were hypnotizing I felt like we had bin together a thousand years and would be a thousand more I was and still am addicted to her beauty. I knew I had to own her, take her, make her mine for life i knew I had to be inside her heart, mind, and body forever & ever. I told her when she was leaving that night very seriously that her pants and panties were coming off next i seen her no if, and's, or buts they were coming off I wanted to make it clear that if she came back to see me I would love and own her for life as you can see, she came back and now she is my dirty little fuck doll for life, she is my angel my light, she is my heart, my love I will live and die for KatieKatt forever & ever.

          :) :) :) <3<3<3

          Ps, email me to purchase my recollection of our second date it was AMAZING I stripped away all social norms ides that night from KatieKatt and turn her into a dirty Lil ....... it was relieving, calming, and a big Rush!


              Height: 5'11"

              Cock: 8"

              Age: 25

              Ethnicity: European Mostly Italian


              Height: 5'5"

              Bra Size: 36-B

              Age: 25

              Ethnicity: British & Irish

            Our Cam Schedule

            Monday9:30pm-2:00am EST

            Tuesday9:30pm-2:00am EST

            Wednesday9:30pm-2:00am EST

            Thursday9:30pm-2:00am EST

            Friday9:30pm-2:00am EST

            Saturday9:30pm-2:00am EST

            Sunday9:30pm-2:00am EST

          On occasion we do take days off or cam during the day with notice via Twitter

          (Thanks For Understanding )

            Private Bookings

          Available times:

            12:00pm-3:00pm EST

            2:00am-3:00am EST

            Check Out Our Tip Menu!

              Requests/ Slut Training

                stand: 10 Tkns 2 Mins

                Make Out: 50 Tkns 2 Mins

                Tity Bounce Flash: 65 Tkns 1 Min

                Foot Job: 60 Tkns 4 Mins

                Massage: 90 Tkns 4 Mins

                Dirty Talk: 50 Tkns 4 Mins

                Tity Fuck: 140 Tkns 4 Mins

                Mute/Undo: 150 Tkns

                Lick Pussy: 180 Tkns 4 Mins

                Hitachi Pussy: 200 Tkns 4 Mins

                View Your Cam: 200 Tkns 3 Mins

                Suck Balls: 130 Tkns 3 Mins

                Finger Fuck Pussy Hard: 150 Tkns 3 Mins

                Finger Fuck Ass Hard: 300 Tkns 3 Mins

                Blowjob & Hard Cock Gagging: 350 Tkns 3 Mins

              Suck Dildo Small: 100 Tkns 3 Mins

              Suck Dildo Medium: 115 Tkns 3 Mins

              Suck Dildo Large: 125 Tkns 3 Mins

              Tickle: 184 Tkns 4 Mins

              Fuck Dildo Pussy Small: 778 Tkns 12 Mins

              Fuck Dildo Pussy Medium: 888 Tkns 12 Mins

              Fuck Dildo Pussy Large: 999 Tkns 5 Mins

              Fuck Dildo Ass Small: 1,500 Tkns 10 Mins

              Fuck Dildo Ass Medium: 1,800 Tkns 10 Mins

              Fuck Dildo Ass Large: 2,300 Tkns 3 Mins

              Butt Plug Small: 200 Tkns 12 Mins

              Butt Plug Medium: 250 Tkns 12 Mins

              Butt Plug Large: 320 Tkns 12 Mins

              Put Lush in Pussy: 150 Tkns 10 Mins

              Put Lush in Ass: 200 Tkns 10 Mins

              Spank Ass with Hand: 20 Tkns 2 Spanks

              Spank Ass with Wooden Spoon or Whip: 30 Tkns 2 Spanks

              Spank Pussy with Hand: 59 Tkns 2 Spanks

              Spank Pussy with Wooden Spoon or Whip: 77 Tkns 2 Spanks

              Double Wartenberg on Legs, Arms, & Back: 244 Tkns 6 Mins

              Double Wartenberg on Pussy, Tits, & Ass: 244 Tkns 6 Mins

              Face Sitting with panties or boxers on: 80 Tkns 6 Mins

              Face Sitting Without Panties or Boxers Off: 150 Tkns 6 Mins

              Rough, Deep, Hard Throat Fucking Head Over Bed: 555 Tkns 3 Mins

              Inflatable Butt Plug: 250 (Each Additional Pump 70 Tkns) 7 Mins

              Electric Stock Nipple Claps: 90 Tkns (Level 1 intensity Each Level Up 25 Tkns)

              Electric Stock Pussy Plug: 250 Tkns (Level 1 intensity Each Level Up 25 Tkns)

              Electric Stock Butt Plug: 320 Tkns (Level 1 intensity Each Level Up 25 Tkns)

              Electric Stock Tits: 250 Tkns (Level 1 intensity Each Level Up 25 Tkns)

              Finger Fuck Pussy with Vibrating Finger Sleeve: 200 Tkns 4 Mins

              Instant Throat Fuck Show Head Over Bed, You Pick Cumshot: 4,000 Tkns 30 Mins+

              Instant Pussy Fuck Show, You Pick Cumshot: 6,500 Tkns 30 Mins+

              Instant Ass Fuck Show, You Pick Cumshot: 7,500 Tkns 30 Mins+

              Instant Throat, Pussy, Ass Fuck Show You, Pick Cumshot: 9,999 Tkns 30 Mins+

              Instant Spitroast Fuck Show Throat & Pussy with fucking Machine, You Pick Cumshot: 7,600 Tkns 30 Mins+

              Instant Spitroast Fuck Show Throat & Ass with fucking Machine, You Pick Cumshot: 9,998 Tkns 30 Mins+

              Instant DP Fuck Show Pussy & Ass with fucking Machine, You Pick Cumshot: 13,500 Tkns 30 Mins+

              24-hour Spank Denial: 4000 Tkns

              Cum Denial: 9,999 Tkns (Both Of Us )


                Tongue: 6 Tkns 2 Mins

                Shirt Off: 40 Tkns 2 Mins

                Ass: 50 Tkns 2 Mins

                Dick: 70 Tkns 2 Mins

                Bent Over Pussy: 195 Tkns 2 Mins

                Naked: 600 Tkns 12 Mins

              Panties & Boxers: 5 Tkns 2 Mins

              Flex Arms: 25 Tkns 2 Mins

              Tits: 45 Tkns 2 Mins

              Feet: 25 Tkns 2 Mins

              Pussy: 79 Tkns 2 Mins

              Bent Over Spread Pussy & Ass: 200 Tkns 2 Mins

              Put On

                Blind Fold: 45 Tkns 12 Mins

                Toy Cuffs: 70 Tkns 12 Mins

                Ball Gag: 129 Tkns 12 Mins

                Big in The Mouth Cock Gag: 179 Tkns 12 Mins

                Bondage Tape Around Wrist or Ankles: 201 Tkns 12 Mins

                Tie Up Ankles or Wrist (Both Is Double Tkns): 169 Tkns 12 Mins

                Bondage Tape Open Ass or Pussy: 339 Tkns 12 Mins

                Nipple & Clit Claps: 187 Tkns 12 Mins

                Black Leather Dog Slave Hood/Mask with blind Fold & Big Mouth Insert: 235 Tkns 12 Mins

                Collar & Behind The Back Restraints All One Piece: 128 Tkns 12 Mins

                Head Hardness with Build in Funnel Gag (Pm for Liquid Drinking): 149 Tkns 12 Mins

                Arm Binder: 182 Tkns 12 Mins

                Dress up as Puppy, Kitty, or School Girl: 270 Tkns 12 Mins

                Pacifier & Pink Diaperr: 300 Tkns 12 Mins

                Steel Bondage Stand Ankle, Wrist, & Neck Shackles Dildo Stand: 1,000 Tkns 12 Mins

              Heels: 25 Tkns 12 Mins

              Slut Writing on KatieKatt: 25 Tkns (Per Word)

              Posture Collar: 135 Tkns 12 Mins

              Open Mouth Red Lips Gag: 139 Tkns 12 Mins

              Bondage Tape on Mouth, Eyes, Tits: 75 Tkns 12 Mins

              Bondage Tape Pussy or Inner Ass: 291 Tkns 12 Mins

              Nipple Claps: 89 Tkns 12 Mins

              Tie Up Tits: 199 Tkns 12 Mins

              Hog Tie: 269 Tkns 12 Mins

              Full Body Tie Up (Tits, Pussy, Ass, Ankles, Wrist): 400 Tkns 12 Mins

              Strap to Bed: 90 Tkns 12 Mins

              Masturbate Hitachi Torture Restraint: 340 Tkns 12 Mins

              Head Harness with Build in Ball Gag: 152 Tkns 12 Mins

              Nose Hook & Collar: 175 Tkns 12 Mins

              Real Smith & Wesson Hand Cuffs: 172 Tkns 12 Mins

              Open Legs & Pull Up Legs Spreader Belt: 199Tkns 12 Mins

              Panties with Big Dildo Build in: 280 Tkns 12 Mins

              Anal Hook with rope & Posture Collar: 475 Tkns 12 Mins

              Custom Request

              Please Request Pm with 6 Tkns Tip About Custom Request

              Food Play

              Hair Cutting

              Temporary Tattoo

              Candle Wax

              Permanent Market Writing

              Buy Our Panties Or Boxers

              Panties Clean: 1,000 Tkns

              Cummed Filled Panties 5 Times or Less Your Choice: 1,900 Tkns

              Boxers Clean: 1,000 Tkns

              Cummed Filled Boxers 5 Loads or Less Your Choice: 1,900 Tkns

              Custom Panties & Boxers (Designer or Special request) Please feel Free to Request Pm with 6 Tkns tip

              Social Media Accounts

              Both Our Personal Phone Numbers (Must Be Respectful, we reserve the right to change our number & not give it back out to anyone who makes us feels uncomfortable): 7,000 Tkns

              Snatchat: 500 Tkns

              KiK: 700 Tkns


          Thanks So Much For Being Understanding, Accepting, Of Course Thanks So Much For All Your Love! <3

          We Do Take Tip Request During Goals

          We Do Fuck Show Specials For Amazon Gifts Request PM For Details

          Ask with Single Tkns Tip for Pm to Book A Private Show With Us

          We Do Half Tkns Price For Half The Time For Any Requests That Is Timed

          We Do Free Shows For Fun Quite Offer

          We Are Looking For Help Building An Custom App For Us

            Feel Free To Chat Us Up, & Give Us New Kinky Ideas for Our Goals Or Just Talk

            Lots of love

            Spartan & Slut oxox

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            Our Room Rules


            Be Positive

            Be Respectful

            Request Without Tip Will Be Ignored

            No Demands or Begging

            No Advertising

            Be Kind

          JoeJoe Dose Not Do Butt Stuff

          (Thanks So Much For Respecting And Following Our Room Rules)

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