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Intellibear's Bio and Free Webcam

Real Name:
Intel Li Bear
Birth Date:
June 3, 1971
Interested In:
I'm right here. Duh!
Last Broadcast:
6 days, 23 hours
English, Pig Latin
Body Type:
Smoke / Drink:
When on fire / When thirsty
Body Decorations:
Rainbow feather boa, studded leather jock.
Pics & Videos:
About Me:

I'm just zis guy, ya know?

The Intelli-rules

These rules are subject to change without notice and numbered so I can fill in others I make up as we go along. Breaking these may make my trigger finger flare up. The mods are free to moderate at their discretion... 'cause they're moderators and that's what they do.

0) If you don't like these rules, then I hope you have a nice day somewhere else!

9) Don't call me "daddy" or "baby." Your sexual fascination with family figures in adulthood isn't alluring; it's disturbing to me.

27) Don't tick off the moderators (among whom is my husband, galileo669) lest ye favor throttlings to the ears and face (10 points if you know where that line came from without Googling it).

8) Don't BE a jerk, but you're welcome to do so.

13) Don't record or steal my pictures or broadcasts. They're not yours -- they're mine. I hope all you fuck heads who record/screen scrape us for web sites die slow, painful deaths. These broadcasts are protected by copyright laws. I own them and all copyright(s) to them. I do not give you permission to use anything, in part or entirety.

19) Don't make demands unless you're willing to take them in return.

77) Don't fly-by advertise your room or demand that I look at your cam. This is spamming in my eyes and I will ban and/or report you for your rudeness and social disregard.

38) If you PM me directly and I don't know you, I'll likely join the conversation just for the sake of chiding you. Depending on how the conversation goes, I may kick/ban you.

33) Be nice or be gone.

6) If you have no profile image, fake information or flat out lies in your profile you will be subject to ignorance and/or roasting. Likewise, if it's obviously a stolen picture you will be subject to public persecution and ridicule.

23) Don't ask for personal contact information 'cause you're not gonna get it.

17) Be prepared for sarcasm and odd humor without warning.

10) Try saying "hi" instead of "show cock" because I'm not gonna take random orders (unless you're really hot and broadcasting so I can see the results of my playful, yet limited, obedience).

28) If your first comment is "come see me on cam" or "i'm a cute boy" or some shit, you'll likely be attacked by me or one of the my mods. Just don't.

3) Compliments and insults are always welcomed if you can take 'em in return; they sometimes open conversation during lulls when the whole room turns on you :)

2) Chronic irritation in chat will result in ban button activation.

29) If you ask for PM, post email/IM/skpe/etc addresses to chat, or somehow demand personal, private attention you and your comments will likely disappear (unless I know you and you have something specific to say to me). We're all friends here (usually) so what you have to say to me can usually be said to the room.

38) I'm not looking for anyone and I'm not into hook ups. I'm already happily married (see rule #27) and I have enough drama in my life already, thank you very much.

11) Interact as much as you wish, but I will do what I want when I want to do it.

16) Saying "TL;DR" to these rules is indicative that you're disrespectful and/and ignorant and is by no means a valid excuse for any violation.

Wish List:

World peace, clean water, anal bleaching for every poor village in the world, smaller boobs and ... oh, I dunno *twirls hair and gets gum stuck in it* Tee hee!

Oh, and here's an Amazon Wish List too.