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Footalicious's Bio and Free Webcam

Real Name:
Lady M ♥ > > > (NOT Bb - Mistress - Goddess - Etc..DON'T DO IT !!!) > > > = !! BANNED !!
Birth Date:
May 2, 1912
Interested In:
Men, Transsexuals, Couples
Last Broadcast:
5 days, 12 hours
Body Type:
Smoke / Drink:
Pics & Videos:
About Me:

Hello....Hola...I am Lady M ....Thank You for visiting my room and reading my bio!...
Welcome to my unpretentious world..
where most are appreciated
...This room is dedicated to...
- The Gentlemen's Corner -

MEN who can appreciate the alluring essence of a true Lady without YOU or HER being HARDCORE /lascivious....
but instead she enjoys tantalizing your senses with her silky curvalicious legs and cute footalicious feet and of course her winning personality...
Join me and welcome to our meeting of the minds....One step at a time..

- !This is not my job! - But at times it is my SOLACE..

Tokens/DONATIONS (in ANY AMOUNT) are now welcome and are very much appeasing
in my quest against but not limited to: World Hunger/Homelessness/Animal Cruelty/Depression etc..

Most of my tokens/gift cards when not all are donated. THIS gives me HAPPY FEET!!
for this is ONLY possible with YOU!!...THANK YOU!! all for supporting me in my charitable endeavors.


For my dedicated buddies who insist on showing their appreciation/support
and don't have tokens you may do so now by sending me a gift card via email if you like for any amount! cards?node=2238192011
Please send to

~ This is a FOOTalicious/legs related topics room ONLY !


I have many reasons as to why
I don't show face/body and being unconfident isn't one of them!

~ If/When tipping/donating - Please Remember
Privates Welcome (upon availability) -

~ If you felt like you "didn't do anything" yet got banned
well perhaps thats probably why :) least say HI or I will say BYE!
~ Being respectful is of utmost paramount to me and especially to my friends !
~ Drama Free Zone ~ !! ZERO !! tolerance for IDIOTS...MAGGOTS...MEDIOCRE MINDS >>>..Etc.= BANNED!
~ Dear Haters..Don't hate.....just masturbate ! !.. Note: I am typing this with my middle finger :-)
~ Refrain your unrighteous azz from soliciting/promoting OTHER MODELS in MY ROOM ~ Sooo UNCOUTH!!
~ NO sexual graphics..NO Caps..NO Pms..BUT if you insist to PM = 20 tokens :) ! ~
~ Anonymous Users - Anonymity is cool and your choice however not in my room...Please sign up and let your voice be heard or be gone!
~ Ninja Pervs - (Random Cams) - Wank On!!..BUT Please!..Just DON'T ask me to view!..Thanks! ~
~ In answer to the most asked question -- Yes..Having a big **** might be nice..BUT!..not being one is nicer!
~ Last But Certainly Not Least - Lets have some fun -...... ! JUST DO IT ! :)

Please do not forget to read my "wish list" section! at the bottom of this page!

PLEASE NOTE: Tokens/Gifts are NOT a requirement to be a part of
Lady M's CAMily - The Gentlemen's Corner
- EVER -..
BUT Dignity..Wholesome fun and a Sense of keeping it real are!

* * * PLEASE READ: - This room may be detrimental to your health - If you are just "hanging out" here holding your breath with hopes of seeing this Lady take it all off....the ONLY thing you will EVER see me take off..if anything..>>> my nail polish...:) clothes..

Most known for her StroBe-light Effects

But ...

Known to most as the StroKe-light Affects instead :)

*** July's Raffle Winner - MRPA - Congratulations n Thx!...
Redeemable throughout the month of
August ONLY!
Thank YOU! To All Who Participated!!

YOU too can be the next raffle winner..just 22 tokens to win 10 min. Pw. Next Drawing September 2 or 3 - Good Luck !!


Although I have been known to be a playful tigress..I am !! NOT !! on the prowl...........= TRANSLATION = I am most likely to be on this site for the chatter than the bait.....= TRANSLATION = NO!..I do not want to meet you...After all, this is Chaturbate NOT ChaturDATE!!


Email -
Twitter -

** RESPECTABLE Emails/Tweets are always welcome - Please DO NOT send naked pictures!..Thank You.

*** SPECIAL SHOUTOUTS : The Gentlemen's Corner...Lady M's CAMily...My Soldiers of Love...and especially to all those who think of me even when I am offline! Thank You! <3

I CHERISH and THANK YOU all sincerely - THE GOOD for inspiring me..THE
BAD for making me stronger and THE UGLY so that I may be reminded of the evilness yet the beauty of this world...***Ssshine on!

Please Remember.....If you can't feed/help a hundred people, feed/help just one...(Animals included)..

Wish List:

I don't have a wish list but do have a wish..
I wish to end World Hunger/Homelessness/Animal Cruelty etc..
Won't you please help me? by clicking and donating any amount to the following ...Thank you! /about-us
If you don't care to participate please allow me to be a friendly reminder for you to find it in your heart to bestow in any way possible to the world around you! Just by simply reaching also into your own backyard instead of your back pocket to help a person/animal!

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