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Fiteroticguy's Bio and Free Webcam

Real Name:
Birth Date:
Jan. 1, 1901
Interested In:
Men, Women, Trans, Couples
Washington State, United States (this is as specific as I plan to be)
Last Broadcast:
2 weeks, 3 days
English and Body language
Body Type:
The type of body that needs to fuck and be fucked.
Smoke / Drink:
Not that you know of.
Body Decorations:
Anal jewelry is a body decoration, right?
Pics & Videos:
About Me:

Please keep the comments positive. I do ban negative comments because there are plenty of cams to choose from. If I am not what you are looking for, simply look for another cam. It really is that simple. No need to announce your dislike, it won't get you what you want. I also ban those advertising or soliciting attention from other viewers in my room (because, hey, my room is all about me).
Fan mail can be sent to fiteroticguy@yahoo.com.
Height 6'
Weight 210 lbs
Cock 7" erect
To answer a few common questions:
1) I am always live. Never a video. If proof is needed, I will wave or perform other simple tasks when asked. Why simple tasks? Because complex tasks may redirect blood from my cock to my brain. See where I am going with this... a soft cock isn't half as fun as a hard one... for you or me.
2) I don't show face because I don't want to jeopardize my real-world job. I need to stay employed to afford internet service to show you my ass. So keep my ass on your screen by not asking me to show face.
3) I don't turn around. I am mainly here to show my ass... because that's my thing and it turns me on.
4) If I am sporting a butt plug, I don't pull it out on cam. Why? For the same reason I don't squat over the cam. Because, I like to keep my shows a little classy. If the plug is sparkling, it is one of five different colored jeweled steel plugs (red, pink, yellow, blue, and clear). No, they don't vibrate. Where do I get the jeweled steel plugs? Ask Google, Amazon, or eBay. If wires are attached to the plug, it is most likely a bipolar electrode wired to an ET312B power box which sends current, not to be confused with vibrations, into my ass. Yes, I can figuratively put my ass in your hands by configuring the power box to deliver current at the sound of tips. For those of you asking about plug size, see the photo set of my plugs.
5) I will spread my cheeks when asked politely. But, only with one hand. The other hand is coated with lube to lube my cock and its not touching my ass.
6) If I am using a fuck machine, it is either a Black Magic fuck machine or a Thunder Balls Pro fuck machine. Where did I get the fuck machines? You found this awesome sex site, so I am confident that you can find a fuck machine.
7) If I am fucking a fleshlight, it is one of 11 different textured fleshlights (plain, mini lotus, speed bump, super ribbed, wonder wave, heavenly, destroya, barricuda, stu, blue alien pussy, or ice lady crystal). It is either mounted to one of the fuck machines noted above or a shower mount.
8) If I am fucking a latex pussy, it is either a white Tiffany Taylor Cyberskin "The Perfect Ass" or a black Angel Eyes Cyberskin "The Perfect Ass". Yep, I love women and toys of all colors. I don't discriminate. Why do I tend to use the black pussy more than the white one? For you! The contrast of white cum on a black pussy is easier to see. You are welcome. If the latex pussy has balls, well... its not a latex pussy.
9) My lube of choice is Wet Light.
10) Yes, my toy box does contain cock cages and ball stretchers. But, they seem to appeal to a smaller niche audience. So, I don't wear them very often on here. I love large audiences.
11) Yes, I do fuck more than my share of real people. But, only my toys are patient and resilient enough to tolerate 4 hours of fucking. And unlike people, toys are available 24/7.
12) Why does it take me so long to cum? Cumming is not my goal. My goal is to be in a state of euphoria for as long as possible, aka edging. If my ass is sweating, I am edging. You have heard it before and it is applicable here... it is about the journey, not the destination. I love to feel as good as possible for as long as possible. Why would anyone want to end a good thing? For those of you who think 4 hours of masturbation is a waste of time, the exit is one click away. Feeling good is never a waste of time. Life is short and if I can forget life's stresses for 3 to 4 hours a few days a week by stimulating my pleasure center (via my cock), its a no brainer (figuratively and literally).
13) My sexual preference is females. I absolutely love females. But, I am not homophobic. I do enjoy guys getting excited over my ass and I do like a little something in my ass. So, what does that make me?
14) No, I am not really 99 years old. A question for you... Did you really ask that question? If I wanted to reveal my age, I would have revealed it.
15) I play music during my broadcasts, mainly for me. It gives me something to wiggle my ass and fuck to. I love my music, especially from the 80's. You insult my music, you insult me. I occasionally turn it off or down to cum . Otherwise, the music stays on.
If I abruptly disconnect, I apologize in advance. I am on call most of the time and, unfortunately, "business before pleasure" applies.
To my hardcore fans and those that actually took the time to read my bio... love ya! I absolutely love fans who get to know me well enough to answer other viewers' questions. It allows me to focus on the task at hand... or, in my hand.
Awesome. Now relax, have fun, and please enjoy me and my ass :o) For those of you who have asked and are interested in my diet and exercise, read on.
To be clear, I lift to keep fit, not to see whose dick is bigger. In other words, don't ask me how much I can bench.
Exercise (typical, but does vary)
Friday (Legs: 5 sets of 8 to 12 reps)
1) Leg Press (medium weight)
2) Leg Extensions (medium weight)
3) Leg Curls (medium weight)
4) Calf Raises (medium weight)
Saturday (Back, Traps, & Chest: 5 sets of 8 to 12 reps)
1) Front Lat Pulldown (max weight)
2) Dumbbell Pullover (max weight)
3) Stiff-Arm Pulldown (max weight)
4) Behind Neck Pulldown (max weight)
5) One-Arm Dumbbell Row (max weight)
6) Seated Cable Row (max weight)
7) Smith Machine Shrugs (max weight)
8) Incline Press (drop sets)
9) Incline Cable Fly (max weight)
10) Dumbbell Press or Barbell Press (max weight)
11) Cable Crossovers (max weight)

Sunday (Biceps, Triceps, & Delts: 5 sets of 8 to 12 reps)
1) Cable/Dumbbell Curls (pyramid sets)
2) Incline Dumbbell Curls (max weight)
3) Concentration Curls (max weight)
4) Skull Crushers (max weight)
5) Overhead Barbell Extension (max weight)
6) Triceps Pushdown (max weight)
7) Seated Shoulder Dumbbell Press (max weight)
8) Dumbbell Lateral Raises (max weight)
9) Dumbbell Front Raises (max weight)
Monday through Thursday
Abs & Cardio (indoor rowing and stationary bike, 20 miles per day).

wash, rinse, and repeat
Diet (typical)
Shake oats, milk, & yogurt in a jar and set in fridge overnight. Eat in the morning.
Mixed broiled unseasoned chicken, steamed vegetables, and brown rice. Drink water.
1/2 broiled unseasoned chicken breast or salmon, steamed vegetables, and avocado, 1 tbl liquid glucosamine, 1 tsp fish oil. Drink water.
Post-Dinner (3 hours after dinner)
*Protein shake.
Pre-Bed (1 hour after post dinner)
Apple & two tablespoons peanut-butter.
Protein bar and C4 or NO-Xplode.
Protein bar and *protein shake.
*Protein shake consists of whey protein, creatine, BCAA, and milk or water.
wash, rinse, and repeat