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Bixmeister57's Bio and Free Webcam

Real Name:
Welcome to Bixmart™! You can call me Bix, Bixie, Bixy, but I am definitely not Bi
Birth Date:
May 7, 1957
Interested In:
Minnesota, United States
Last Broadcast:
4 days, 2 hours
Body Type:
Smoke / Drink:
No/Local brews mainly, Bent Paddle specifically
Body Decorations:
sometimes I decorate myself with my explosions.
Pics & Videos:
About Me:

Click the above picture to check out my mixes on Mixcloud. Please follow me on Mixcloud for updates.

Check out my Stories at http://www.nifty.org/nifty/gay/adult-fri ends/snowplow/

or Search for Bix Meister on Amazon.com

BixMart Rules Update: Everybody please read,
I am here for friends. That, is the bottom line. Along the way I have amassed many followers and I am active in many rooms. True friends have been cultivated in these rooms.

I have multiple interests. I share them, and appreciate when people support my endeavors.

Most important. Many friends have found support in my room. It is a welcoming room. A few have found strength to come out because of the support of my mods and regulars. Thanks to all who have helped these men.

BixMart Rules:
1. No PMs, we speak in chat because I am sometimes too busy.
2. Pay attention to my mods. They are good people who only want your experience to be fun filled. Bearcopchasr has his modding rules on his bio page.
3. Be courteous. Please and thank you go a long way. I do not show my ass or anything on demand. When I show my ass is up to me, not you.
4. I am not driven by tokens. Any tokens I am given are used in other guy's rooms. If you want, I do have a DTC Wish List and an e-book for sale on Amazon. The e-book is well worth the price.
5. I am not too hung up on what you call me, Daddy has to be earned, but if you call me Father, that's a boner killer. Bix, Bixie and Bixy are fine, Bixxy is reserved however.
6.Have fun. Get to know the people who visit BixMart. They are truly among the best people on this site.
7. Don't Insult Texans while LoneStar is in the room.
8. If you are a jerk in any other room that I frequent, you will not be welcomed in mine.
9. Guess the color of my underwear, you might get a prize.
13.5 Don't say anything behind my mod's e-backs that you wouldn't say to their e-face.
17. This space is reserved for some sardonic rule from BearCopChasr. Reminder; he chases Bear Cops, he is not one himself.

The Derty Dozen and the Derty Baker's Dozen are my mods. It was by chance that I limit them to a dozen. You may feel this is a lot, but every single one of them are people I enjoy and cherish.
I am sad to know that one of the Derty Dozen, Behrinthewoods, is no longer with us. He will remain an honorary mod in tribute to the life and love he gave us. He is truly irreplaceable.

Wish List:

Click here for my Duluth Trading Co Wishlist

Click here for my Amazon Wishlist