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Asianhehe's Bio and Free Webcam

Real Name:
Harry, strawberry, berry,김치, 燒賣, pho, ramen
Birth Date:
Oct. 28, 1997
Interested In:
Men, Women, Trans, Couples
In my room eating mac n cheese, Hell, that one place with antartica. State that I live in: Sadness, financial instability.
Last Broadcast:
1 month, 1 week
English, Freedom, some other languages, bullshit
Body Type:
Slim, smooth, nice legs though, 5'8" or for those whos country never went to the moon, 172.72 cm. Apparently I have nice pubes.
Smoke / Drink:
Vape, Bubble Tea, water, tea, milk tea, I dislike herbal tea.
Body Decorations:
Thinking of getting a tattoo, probably a koi and be a stereotypical Yakuza.
Pics & Videos:
Fun on bed
Dick pics one
About Me:


Strawberry, Berry, Harry

Notices and Guidelines:

If you ask about my race or location, you will be banned.

Don't call me cute.

Call me handsome.

I hate being called cute

Cute is an adjective fit for stuffed animals, puppies, kittens. :

Banned word list: Cute, adorable, boy.

Recommend word list : Handsome, charming, sexy, intellectual

This is an adult website, I won't feed to your fetish by letting you call me a boy and other words under the same category that points towards adolescents. If you fail to comprehend and integrate by my rules, you will be banned.

Be nice, no civil war. Act like civilized adults.

No questions about the language I speak, my location, and university

I hide my anus and ass like the One Ring from Lord Sauron but I'll show it if you guys reach my last goal. So don't request it!

Read the bio. It's pretty interesting.

Don't demand without tokens. No, you can't speak with the

Chat more! I don't discriminate.

Be nice to my mods and me.

The customer is not always right, get off your pedestal.

I've recently had a viewer who wanted to know my location, I told him I don't disclose my location to protect my identity and he was offended, remarked back at me with "Fine, I guess you don't want to have fun". This isn't Grindr, pick up some self-esteem, stop being selfish, and grow up you. Some viewers fail to see that models here want to keep their life separate from their personal life.

These are my guidelines on how I want my chat to be.

About me:

I'm a student who goes to a top 48.9999999999999 college.

I am passionate about my belief, but I will change my view if I am informed more. I'm not crazy passionate like Bleeding Heart liberals

I started college a year early.

Credit score is 790 fico cus I'm financially responsible who uses a credit card for points. Hoping to get CSP once 70k is released or 100k amex plat.

Majoring in architecture.

Architecture Inspirations:

Taipei 101 building for its strength and strong culture association,

Sagrada Familia for being skeleton-ish, bone-ish style,

Burj Khalifa for breaking limits, piercing the heavens,

Louis Vuitton Foundation for composition.

I'm addicted to lipbalm

Favorite Art pieces:

Any piece by Takato Yamamoto,

"Apparition" by Moreau,

"The Kiss" by Klimt'

"Nighthawks" By Hopper

Pepe Memes

Favorite Artist included:

Fuyuko Matsui,

Hans Memling,



I like Mycology

Putting Ikea furniture together

Getting free samples at supermarkets

I like to read books.

My favorite books are:

Giovanni's Room.

The architecture of Happiness.

"True diary of a part time indian"

"The Republic" by Plato.

"The Art of War" by Sun Tzu.

Cirque du freak series

Demonanta Series

Kick Ass comic

Flowers in the Attic

Any architecture book that could help me

Other hobbies include:

Browse on Reddit and jack off for my viewers. Favorite subreddits : r/wallstreetbets r/churning r/asiansgonewild , r/4chan

Jacking off is mostly my favorite thing to do. Watching porn.

Laying in bed and cuddling.

Day dream about being a war lord.

I like watching Korean drama, Workaholic, Wilfred, Goblin, and
South Park. No, I don't watch Anime. I play guitar instead of piano surprisingly.

Favorite Movies

Harold And Kumar series (Except three)

Rush hour series

Super bad

Any noir films, dark rainy windy weather while wearing trench coat and smoking cigarettes, or movies with a balcony scene where the women is wrapped up in a blanket after sex and the couple smokes a cig. I'm a fan of trench coats (Not the school shooter kind, Burberry kind)

Shawshank redemption

Old Boy

Good Will Hunting


the beauty inside



Anything with Matt Damon

I like scary movies but I end up hugging the person next to me too hard that they can't breathe.

Scary movie series

Shaun of the Dead

Pulp Fiction

Django Unchained

Kill Bill


American Beauty

A Beautiful Mind


The Grudge




Naked Gun 33 movies. Hilarious.

The Breakfast Club

Favorite shows



Malcom in the Middle

Breakingu badu

Twin Peaks but it was difficult to watch

King of the Hill

Southu Parku

Robot Chicken

The Boondocks


Moral Orel

Park and Recs

Favorite food;

I love fruit snacks, Kellog Brand.

Mac and Cheese, or Kraft dinner for Canadians.

When my days are rough, I eat instant ramen in coffee cups or coffee pots.

I like watermelon jolly ranchers, gummy bears (Albanese brand), and strawberries.

I don't like vegan food.

I like Kitto Katsu, dark chocolate

I'm lactose intolerant but I will suffer for food.

I like Japanese Katsu chicken and curry. Calpico, and pokari sweat is good.

Mashed potatoes with gravy from KFC

Mcdonald fries

Cheese cake

Tacos, (The best ones are in panties)





I like to cook too, sauted mushrooms go well with everything

I like noodles and mushrooms a lot

Pizza with anchovies, I hate pizza with pineapples.

I like my coffee with some milk and one sugar.

I think kale and avocado are overrated.

I don't eat much food and it somehow upsets my viewers.

I usually eat one strawberry and feel full; it upsets my viewers.

Taiwanese food is a personal favorite.

Korean fried chicken is good too

I prefer toaster strudels over pop tarts. Poptarts taste like scented candles.

I love croissants. Bon bon bon appetit.

Tea preference:

I like English Breakfast tea, Earl Grey, Russian Caravan.
I used a large mug and tea bags. Why not loose leaf?
Some people have got the time to make loose leaf tea. Well done you. How was art school? I also like loose leaf tea. I drink it when I have nothing better to do or am at a tea shop and have the leisure time to deal with loose leaf. On the whole though, teabags will suffice. Yes they will. Stop it.

I like Cheese flavored pringles.


Getting tokens,


genuine compliments,


German milk maid porn,

asian porn, r/gonewild , r/asiansgonewild

Credit card bonuses (Amex Platinum 100k),

Givenchy, Quality clothing

Minimalistic apartments,

Dell Xps 13 laptop,

Eames Ottoman chair

Someone who is nice and ambitious. Like myself

Comfortable bed


Stanford campus for its Taco Bell Architecture.


not getting tokens,


creepy pms,

Taco bell architecture,

good dreams, (Reason why is my dreams are always much better than my life, so I wake up all depressed and a bit annoyed )

mechanical keyboards,

gaming mouses


Vegan "Food" . How the hell can they eat tofu burgers you shitting me?

Tinder dates that talk about how their job is being a mommy, like fuck off with that.

Weaboos, Baka fucking gaijins.

Favorite music:

Earth wind and fire,

Foo fighters,

Persona ost,

Initial D ost,

Piano De Bossa album,


Bossa nova,

Dave Brubeck,

Miles Davis.

Silent Hill "Reprise"

Han's Zimmer "Time".

Clair de lune,

Chopin No9. (I only listen to this piece when it's rainy)

Blur "Song 2",

Feel good inc.

"Close to you" By the Carpenters


Kotaro Oshio "Fight"

Charisma.com Outborne Rock

Invaders Must Die album

Claude Debussy, Prlude l'Aprs-midi d'un faune
( i'm a huge appreciator of Debussy. "Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun" is a treasure to mankind's creation. Impressionist music is amazing in every way.

Favorite Games:

Take note, I stopped playing games a long time ago

Devil May Cry series, especially reboot

Halo series,



Final Fantasy



Dark souls (I'm stuck on last kings, git gud)

MGSV Phantom Pain

Resident Evil 4/5

Favorite fragrance:


Tom Ford

Frederic Malle

Places I want to go to:


Sweden (I like the cold, snow and grey weather.) Also they have a byredo flagship store.

Japan for the cute shit they have.





Instruments I play:

My dick
Guitar (Yamaha, I'm hoping to upgrade to a taylor/Martin/PRS

Games I like to play:

My dick. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius


Send me Gift cards! My email is in my wishlist box.


Wish List:

Amazon gift card/ visa list

https://www.amazon.com/Amazon-1-US-Email -eGift-Card/dp/B004LLIKVU/ref=sr_1_2?s= gift-cards&ie;=UTF8&qid;=1502359937&sr;=1- 2&keywords;=gift+card

Check out my twitter @asianhehe