Your Lucky Guess
Author: erik913
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Short Description:

A Guess the Lucky Number Game

Full Description

This app was designed for Sophia.

v2.0 This app has been updated from the original version to contain new features, easier use, and faster reset.

1. Model has the ability to pick a lucky number.
2. Lucky number can not be found by a single, large tip.
3. Model has the option to turn on tipping for hints
4. Model can choose whether to end game by finding the lucky number or clearing all numbers
5. Model has the ability to set up to 20 random prizes
6. Model/mods have the ability to reset the game quickly with a new lucky number and goal once the previous round is complete. The model will be shown the new lucky number/prize values upon start of game - If a mod resets the game he/she will not be able to play the next round to prevent cheating.
7. Built in cheat catch - if anyone tries to type a hint or lucky number in the chat it will be stopped.
8. Minor customization with the ability to choose a celebratory gif.

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