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Token Raffle 2.1b - Set Ticket Prices, Made more easy

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This is much like the previous one except it has been made more user friendly and straight-forward. Now supports performer commands.

Ticket Prices can be set thanks to changes made by Crazycharlie.

The performer can then reward the players that win with anything that they have chosen to be the prizes.

A performer can set quite a few options to customize this into one of there shows.

Version 2.1 (Beta)
1. Perfomer commands to adjust time, add prizes, and call draw early.

Version 2.0
1. Ticket prices can be set.
2. Up to 10 prizes can be entered in much easier.
3. Information, and displays provide a much more straight-forward interface.

Version 1.4:
1. Better panel feedback for everyone.
2. Timer shows every 5 minutes until less than 5 minutes, then every minute until draw.
3. Rules are displayed periodically.
4. Code cleanup.

Version 1.3:
1. An optional timer in minutes till the draw is announced (should still draw even if all tickets arent all sold).
2. Choices have been made more readable and straight-forward.

Version 1.2:
1. Broadcasters can set a limit on how many tickets a user can receive for each raffle.
2. Broadcasters can make it so one user can win one placing only.

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