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Author: erik913
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A collection of games created for Sophia

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This is a collection of games that have been put together for Sophia - If you are another model, please use the 'Your Lucky Guess' app which is open to all.

v1 - The 'Lucky Guess' game:
a. Gives the model the ability to pick a lucky number or have a random number picked.
b. Lucky number(s) can be used, rather, as mini-prizes and a cleared bored is required for goal.
c. Built in reset feature for mods to quickly reset the game

v2 - Addition of Black Jack
a. Works on a points system to determine when and if player wins a prize. Points follow standard black jack payouts. 1 for a win, 1.5 for a black jack, 2 for a double, .5 for a push (this is not standard but rather, it's fair), and 0 for a loss.
b. Is completely automated for the model and the user uses the chat to play the game.
c. The game uses card GIF's and are displayed in the chat.

v3 - Coming Soon - Card game 'War', addition games, additional features.

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