Roll the Dice: Improved RARE fix
Author: aety
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Short Description:

Tip to roll the dice and receive a prize. You set the prizes and cost per roll.

Full Description

Credit goes to Zingknaat for the original app. Credit also to milo_bloom and tablesalt90 who both contributed some tweaks in their versions and credit to kingchris_ as this is merely a minor bugfix for his version.

Once the minimum number of rolls was reached the code to check whether a RARE die should be rolled was set to always be true. This corrects it to the intended 10% chance of rolling a 7 and adds an option to change the percentage in the bot settings. It also picks a die at random to have the 7 rather than always using the first die.

How it Works:
User tips the amount you chose in the settings and the app will roll the dice. Each roll will result in a prize. You may choose to repeat the prizes or remove them once they have been received.

If you choose the traditional dice, there will be 13 possible prizes. The Chinese dice option will give you 21 possible prizes for your viewers.

!prizes - List all available prizes
!prizes all - Show list of prizes to all (mod/broadcaster only)
!winners - List the last 20 winners

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