r a i n b o w
Author: daisy_marz
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Short Description:

an experimental game of colors.

Full Description

users can tip to be highlighted as a color!

the object of the game is for users to work together and make a true ROYGBIV rainbow in the chat.

it's way harder than it sounds.

-pretty colors
-optional token goal and room description
-force your chat to work as a team (they'll hate it!)
-optional timed mode (users will only have a few minutes to do their part!)
-optional thief mode (users can steal each others' colors!)

----------broadcaster tips----------
-type /rules to see a game description in the chat
-type /menu to see the token amounts to tip for a color
-type /about for my shameless self plug

update 1.0.1
added a rotating color menu to the panel
added thief mode and timed modes.

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