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Cam is only visible to those who tip for minutes.

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Version 0.5

This is similar to a private or group show, but you never have to leave the main room!

In order for a user to view your camera, they must buy time with tokens. More tips add more time. Each user has their own, personal countdown that they are notified of at regular intervals.

You can grant visitors an automatic free preview, where they can watch your camera for a short time before needing to buy more minutes.

Fanclub members and mods can, optionally, be allowed to watch for free. You can also add names to a manual white-list of users who are always given a free show.

If the either broadcaster or a user leaves the room, respective timers will pause until return.

Active viewers will have their text highlighted in green.


"/start" : Manually (re)starts the peep show.
"/start 10" : Manually (re)starts the peep show for 10 tokens per minute.
"/stop" : Stops the peep show.
"/goal 10 blahblah" : Sets a basic goal for 10 tokens with "blahblah" description.
"/reset" : Resets the goal.


- Speedier.
- Added /goal and /reset commands.
- No more cool user-specific panel timers. :(
- Added debug output.
- Viewers are credited for tips even while the show is paused.
- New commands.
- Active viewers have their text highlighted in green.

User discovery can take a few seconds once the app starts. Fan club and moderators may need to talk, tip, or re-enter for the app to pick up on their status immediately. If people are having trouble getting into the show, refreshing their browser should resolve the issue.

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