Pers' Edging (2 Speed)
Author: perseus1967
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Short Description:

Hitachi Cum Denial Show Controller (2 Speed)

Full Description

An app to control a cum denial show using a 2 speed hitachi.

Based on the 7 speed version I wrote for BlackCherub

Settings include choosing an emote for each of the settings, specifying the name of the model & token values for each of the functions.

Built in timer for the STOP functions.

2 sets of pre-defined emotes can be chosen from, or use your own.

Full Command Menu
phdrules - Display the Rules
phhstop - Stop the game for use of hands
phhuse - Use of hands is now allowed
phhtuse - Use of toys or hands is now allowed
phdcurr - Display the current speed
phsslow - Set Hitachi Speed to Low
phsshigh - Set Hitachi Speed to High
phdtips - Display the Tippers List
phhelp - Send command list to mod/broadcaster

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