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Author: jcw2001
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Short Description:

Only allow those with tokens to see your cam!

Full Description

Only allow those with tokens to see your cam! (So also blocks anonymous users, too!)

A very straightforward bot. Simply launch it and type /NGVstart to block anyone from seeing your cam that doesn't have tokens.

That's it!

The bot is smart so that anyone who tips you will still be able to see the *current* show, even if they run out of tokens (i.e. tip them all to you), and even if they leave the room and come back. (Of course, beginning with the next show they will be treated like any other user with zero tokens.)

The bot will also prevent greys from chatting -- prompting them to get tokens when they try -- so your viewers will not be annoyed.


Command List
/NGVstart - To start this bot
/NGVstop - To stop this bot
/NGVadd [username] - Manually let any user see your cam
/NGVblock [username] - Block any user you wish from seeing your cam
/NGVcheck [username] - Check to see if a user can see you cam
/NGVlist - List everyone who can see your cam
/NGVhelp - See this list again

If you have any issues please Tweet me @ShamusJamus


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