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Author: badbadbubba
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Mutes demands, rude words, graphics, spam, caps, stickykeys from grey users. Easy setup. Version 2 rewrite of code Oct 12 2014. Some options may have changed.

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Spam definitions updated Sep 8 2016

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This bot mutes grey messages. Notice is given that user was muted and reason. Only the message is muted (user is not silenced). On room entry, the grey viewer is given a private notice of what is not allowed in your room.

If message is from user with NO tokens and is not a mod, it has option to -
Mute combination of open/show/zoom/see/spread/touch/suck/finger & body/ass/pussy/boob(s)/bob(s)/tit(s)/vagina/nipple(s)/breast(s)/cock/penis/face or single ass/boob(s)/pussy/doggy/twerk/cum/masturbate or please request
Mute grey graphics.
Mute sticky keys (3 or more repeated characters).
Mute all caps
Mute demand words -pm,c2c,private,pvt,prvt
Mute spam words - streamingnaked,18f cam,18female, erotimo, amecam, goo(.gl),fucktubate
Mute rude words - bitch,slut,whore,ugly,fat,pee,poo,peeing,fist
Mute baby,bb,daddy
Mute feet,foot,soles,toes
Mute non-english characters

Because the original message is replaced, repeated violations will not display since chat does not allow duplicate messages.

See code for version history.

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