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CookieCake Trap™

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**No functional changes made, re-named and saved for personalization and convenience.**

Prevent anonymous users from viewing your cam
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When this bot is runnning only logged in users will be able to view your cam. Anonymous users will still be able to see the chat but not the cam.
1. You must run /stopshow before you deactivate this bot - if you don't do this, your camera will not be visible to new people entering your room and will not be visible to anyone next time you run a show.
2. This app uses the limitCam API feature. You cannot run this bot alongside any other app or bot that uses the limitCam API this bot will allow everyone into the 'show'.
3. It is recommended you start the bot early in your show to reduce the number of people who will have to refresh after you launch.
If you have feedback (positive or negative), you can use disqus below or you can get in touch with me directly
through twitter on @asdfghjkl28asd (I will share my email address through there if you need to go into detail).


You can now choose message for blocked viewers

2013-12-31 By: Cookiemonsturz

Bot saved for convenient location. No changes made.

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