Kira's FUNmuter
Author: d_styles
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Short Description:

For member fun in the room

Full Description

Members are able to mute/unmute each other for a few minutes for tips.
Broadcaster can't be muted but can mute/unmute others.
A try to mute the broadcaster will mute the muter himself.
Option to start/stop the bot.
Option to enable/disable to unmute oneself or others.

Added a lovense tipmenu as the actual lovense tipmenu often gives much lag and is slow.
Time for the actual lovense tipmenu has to be set high in the extension to not show it.
*The lovense part doesn't activate the toy, it only replaces the slow, lag giving lovense tipmenu.
*The lovense extension has to be active to have the toy respond to the tips.

* Filters grey comments for bad words

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