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*πŸ…ΈπŸ…½πŸ†‚πŸ†ƒπŸ…° πŸ…±πŸ…°πŸ…½ able* Keep track of your high tip king by adding a crown to the start of their messages ;)

Full Description

Now featuring RoboBan Rx/Instaban technology. See RoboBan for further details.

This bot is CBS-enabled, and may have its reigning king details saved and restored using the Save'N'Restore bookmarklet. See Save'N'Restore Tip Goal for more details.

KTB is a very simple bot that tags your reigning high tip king's chat messages with a "crown" and their high tip value.


PLEASE NOTE: unlike the app version of this script, there is no goal setting. The expectation is that this bot is run alongside another app/bot that tracks an immediate show goal, while this bot tags the "king" high tipper's messages with a crowns.

The first choice to make at launch is the type of "crown" to tag your high tip king's messages with.
The choice is between a text label "HTKing", a character glyph "", a graphic , or a customised crown (see Pimp My High Tipper, below).
The graphic and glyph take up less space than the text label. Unfortunately, however, the glyph looks better here than it does in chat. So if you don't like how it looks in chat, and the graphic is unavailable, set the text label option.

Off-line Tips and Continuing Your High Tip King's Reign:

By default, the high tip king is forgotten each time the bot is de-activated. However, you can extend their reign by entering their user name and high tip value at launch, so long as you remembered to make a note of both, the last time you were on cam.
TIP: just before de-activating the bot and logging off, type /kingtipperbot? or /ktb? into chat, to display the high tip king details, then, while they are still visible in chat, de-activate and re-launch the bot, so that you can enter the details into the reigning pre-sets, before finally logging off. That will save the details for when you next launch the bot.
Because the bot knows nothing about off-line tips, if you receive one that would have created a new high tip king, you'll need to adjust the reigning pre-sets yourself, if you want off-line tips to count.
This bot has no other in-chat commands. All settings and pre-sets must be entered on the Launch Bot page.
*Update* 09/17/2015 The reigning king details can now be saved and restored using the Save'N'Restore bookmarklet.

No Pretenders to the Throne:

Although it is possible to have more than one copy of King Tipper Bot running, there is no point in doing so, because the bot will only tag one high tip king at a time. Any others will be treated as imposters, and you and they will all receive warnings notifications every time they send a message.
However, it is possible to run King Tipper Bot and Sequence Tipper Bot together and have both reigning high tip and sequence tip king_crowns, at the same time, though it might be a little confusing in chat, especially if they are one and the same user! ;)
The reigning high tip value is delimited using double colons, '::', whereas the reigning sequence tip value is delimited using double plus-signs, '++'.

Pimp My High Tipper:

To personalize KTB select Custom as the type of crown you want to use, and set the Custom Crown option to the text, emote, or combination of both, that you want to tag your high tipper with, e.g. :pot_leaf_crown. Use the Custom Title option to set the title of your high tipper, e.g. The King of the Leaf. Use the Custom Hail option to set the hail used to acknowledge your high tipper, e.g. Hail Pot Head ?? of the $$ tokens. When the hail is displayed, ?? and $$ will be replaced by the king tipper's name and tipped total, respectively. Finally, you can customized the script's display name as it appears in chat notices by setting the Custom Notice Label option.


  1. Blocking Common Spam: This bot contains a basic version of the spam detecting engine used in all of my anti-chat-spam bots, Spam Block, No Grey Spammers and SpHammer, which, if enabled, will block many common forms of chat spam from appearing in your chat while the bot is running.

    • /spam - toggles common spam blocking on and off

    Using the in-chat command to disable spam blocking, also displays any recently blocked spam messages. So it can be used to check for spam activity, as long as you remember to re-enable it, if you want it to keep blocking spam.

  2. If using this bot in combination with any of my anti-chat-spam bots, it is recommended to load the anti-chat-spam bot in a higher value bot slot than this bot (for example, load this bot into bot slot #1, and Spam Block into bot slot #2.) In that way, this bot can take into account the presence of whichever anti-chat-spam bot you choose to use.

  3. Multi-line Safe Mode: It can sometimes happen that Chaturbate has problems displaying multi-line notices. The /help command produces a multi-line notice. So if you use it and get no response, re-launch the bot, enabling Safe Mode, to convert all multi-line notices into their single-line equivalents. Unfortunately, in Safe Mode, the single-line equivalents aren't guaranteed to be displayed in the intended order, which can lead to confusion, which is why it is better to run the bot with Safe Mode disabled, if possible.


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