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UPDATED! Play Hangman with tips! It can choose the word for you! or you can choose a word and then let users guess letters or the answer by tipping tokens.

Full Description

English Only! As of now english letters only I am working on internationalizing it.
Add notice timer!

Now with images :)
Display a goal!
Better notices!
List last winner.

Set different cost for letter guess and word guess.
Added choosing random word for the user.
Added choosing if mods are allowed to set the word.
Added choosing when the game ends.
Added choosing if the user who answers correctly gets to choose the next word.
Added choosing if used letters are available.
You can change the word after setting it the first time by typing !word a space then the word to set it to.

If you want to guess a letter type !guess and the letter or if you want to answer the word type !answer or !solve and the word.
You can also let one user be the king and let him choose the word by typing !setking and the users name and you can switch to a new king by doing it again or you can remove a king by using !rmking.

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