Gia_Doll Balloon Game Bot
Author: kellynumberfan
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Short Description:

Play Gia_Dolls Balloon Game! Tip 25, 50, 100 or 500 Tokens for a Prize!!

Full Description

Tipping 25, 50, 100 or 500 tokens will randomly choose a prize that Gia_Doll has picked especially for you!

Game Balloon XX Token Prizes (comma separated) - Use a comma separated list of "Balloon goals". These goals will be randomly chosen at their tip levels. The broadcaster will be notified that User X has won Prize Y. The status message (3 Lines under the broadcasters FPS) will update with the User Name **** WON **** Prize.

Balloon Emote - This emote will be displayed at the timer interval. It will automatically interrupt a users message (excluding: Broadcaster, Mod, Fan Club member).

Balloon Emote Message Timer(minutes): a timer in minutes to display the above emote.

Use Real Balloons instead of game balloons (Y/N) - Setting to Y will not use the Game Balloon XX Token Prizes. You will have to use a real balloon :P

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