De Haan's Torture
Author: dehaan__
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Short Description:

Torture app designed to work with any toy or device.

Full Description

For use during "torture" sessions. Supports any device but the following presets are included:
- Doxy (10 speeds)
- Hitachi (white/original, 2 speeds)
- Hitachi "Magic Wand" (7 speeds)
- Sybian (10 speeds + rotation)
- Couture (10 "speeds")

/tnotices (on/off) - toggles the torture notices
/topt - sends the tip options
/topt all - sends those options to all users (usable only by mods & broadcaster)

This app was based on "CrazyTorture" by acrazyguy, "ProgrammerandGamer's Torture" by programmerandgamer, and "EzraBot" by me.

This app's original source code can be found here.

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