Cum for me
Author: shysmod
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Short Description:

App to help broadcasters who want to watch their users cum for them.

Full Description

This is a pretty basic app that allows a broadcaster to run a room which encourages users to share their cams for the broadcaster to watch.

Get your users to cum for you on cam!

The broadcaster can choose who can manage a "watchlist" of users to watch. The broadcaster can allow users to add themselves, or limit it to moderators to help maintain the list.

The broadcaster can use a /next command to pick a random cam to watch. A /cam1|2 command updates the panel with who he/she is watching and takes the user off the watchlist.

When the broadcaster gets someone to cum, a /cum command will announce to the room, and keep track of how many have cum.

Commands also support moderator use to help run the room.

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