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Short Description:

Take control of your room and decide who gets to see what

Full Description

-- Description --

My goal with this app is to allow broadcasters to set up their room just the way they like it. It can restrict who can watch your cam feed, as well as restrict who is allowed to talk.

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For questions, suggestions, requests or bug reports you can reach me through the following channels:
- leave a comment on this page
- find me on Twitter ( )
- shoot me a mail at

Second place winner in the January 2014 app contest ( uncements/app-contest-winners/ )

Check out my other bots:
- Tagger, tag users who tipped a certain amount ( agger/ )
- Obfuscator, auto-moderator with a twist ( bfuscator/ )
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-- Usage --

This app allows you to get in control of who gets to see your cam feed. Either set it up to restrict certain people from seeing your cam right away or set a goal towards a show and only let certain people watch it.

You can allow people to watch a preview of your show for a set amount of time or not. You can also restrict the chat during your show so only the ones who are watching you can talk.

For more a list of chat commands and what they do, type /help in chat.

-- Future updates --

Some of the ideas for future versions:
- Add more info and statistics all around
- Add more options for goal keeping, goal resetting etc
- Add a performance mode that cuts down on high impact tasks

Currently not possible with the chaturbate API:
- Block people from seeing chat
- Make better use of the information panel below the cam feed

-- Change log --

-- 1.1.1 (20-03-2014) --
> Minor bug fixes.

-- 1.1.0 (06-03-2014) --
> Fixed a bug related to goal progress.
> Cleaned some bad code.

-- 1.0.0 (13-02-2014) --
> First re haul for better goal support.
> Fixed a bug with the /clearlist command.
> Several improvements under the hood regarding different use cases.
> Added an option to set a different tip amount to be used during shows.

-- 0.9.8 (26-01-2014) --
> Fixed goal only triggering on exact hit.
> Improved goal and tip processing.
> Added a panic command that tries to restore a bad session.
> Added a list and check command for viewing access lists.
> Added a command for checking access (for everyone).
> Gave mods more rights.
> Fixed several bugs.

-- 0.9.5 (24-01-2014) --
> Added a clear list command.
> Made improvements to cumulative tip support.

-- 0.9.3 (22-01-2014) --
> Added cumulative tip support.
> Removed deprecated use of the user parameter for onDrawPanel.

-- 0.8.0 (19-01-2014) --
> Initial release

-- Supported commands --


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