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Set multiple goals that automatically change when reached

Full Description

Continuous Goals is an app that lets the broadcaster set all of a show's goals at once and have them automatically cycle through as they are hit. The broadcaster may choose between a single token amount goal or use several mini-goals to achieve the goals. Futhermore, there is a full featured hidden cam show function contained with in the app.\


The app lets the broadcaster set up all of her goals at the beginning of the show. Once the app is running, goals may be added, edited, skipped or removed. Goals are divided into 3 groups with the option to pause goal progression between groups. This allows the broadcaster to catch up on goals as well as prevent an overly generous tipper from blowing through the entire show's goals with one large tip.

The broadcaster may choose to use either a token amount (goal @ X tokens) or a series of mini-goals ( goal @ 10 goals). If the broadcaster uses mini-goals peoople tend to tip more because the goal doesn't look so large. Also, it gives the broadcaster the opportunity to give a small reward each time one of the mini-goals is hit.

VIP Show

The broadcaster can setup a VIP ticket show goal. The goal is not included with the list of regular goals so that should the broadcaster decide not to do the show (for instance if it is too late) viewers will not be expecting one. Also, the VIP show goal can be started at any time, no need to wait for all the goals to be reached if you do not wish to do so. There is an option on the launch page to set a ticket price for before and after the show starts, which can be changed once the app is running.

Once the VIP ticket show is running, viewers entering the room will see a timer showing how long the show has been going for so they can decide if they wish to buy a ticket or not. Also, there is an option to mark the show as ending and suspend ticket sales if the show is close to over.

Available Commands

The app contains numerous commands. Here is a selection of the most important ones.

If you find this app to be useful and or you have suggestions please leave a comment or tweet me @boondog19. I would love to hear from broadcasters who are using this app.

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