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A core plugin for chaturbate by miiixl

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cb-essentials is an extention which aims to provide a number of various plugin bundles in various configurations to models and their rooms. At its core it is made up of the nessecary plugins to make a model more successful increase her rooms performance.


The app itself is developed solely by miiixl. It is derived from cb-essentials-base which provides a stable and concise library to pull information from the chaturbate api. cb-essentials is actively developed and provides the latest in room plugins to add to the chaturbate uers experience in the models rooms, increasing their performance and allowing them to maximise their potential on chaturbate.


cb-essentials uses an extensively developed modular system to allow for individual development of addition modules to better customise the cb-essentials experience for a model. We are able to create powerful applications that will maximise a models room performance, and suit her overall theme. Our modular development allows us to tailor to cb-essential experience to your room, and allow you peace of mind knowing that you have a powerful suite of apps at your disposal.

If your are interested in purchasing, or require further information/assistance please contact me in one of the rooms listed on my profile.

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