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A roll game with a unique role-playing combat twist!

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A prize roll game with a unique role-playing combat twist!

:: Auto-Repeating Goals ::

When the bad guy is defeated, another will automatically respawn with your goal amount for its "hitpoints".

:: Special Bonus Prizes ::

Players have a chance to win a special bonus prize with every roll.

:: Reward Big Tippers ::

After tipping a certain amount, Players level up and win a random prize.

:: Useful Commands For You and Mods ::

Use the /winners command to show recently won prizes, /goal to update the token goal, and more.

Broadcaster + Mod Commands

/goal [amount]
Start a goal of the specified token amount, e.g. /goal 1000

Show everyone recently won prizes

/prizes all
Show everyone all possible pirzes

/tldr all
Show everyone a basic how-to

Release Notes

v7.1.1 (May 21st, 2018) v7.1.0 (May 3rd, 2018) v7.0.1 (April 28th, 2018) v7.0.0 (April 28th, 2018) v6.0.0 (April 7th, 2018) v5.0.0 (April 2nd, 2018)

(For older versions, see here)

Battlebate is an open-source project, licensed under GNU GPLv3. you can find the source code here.

The sprites CB renders for game emojis are from the neat open-source real-time strategy game, Battle for Wesnoth.

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