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Short Description:

Female's bot: Autowelcome, Autothanks, Leaderboard, Chatfilter, Notifier, HIDDEN CAM Show...

Full Description

Babybot functionally replaces:

Ultra Bot, All In One Bot, Gender Bot, Welcome And Follow Bot, Auto Thank Bot, No Greys Demands Bot, Notifier Bot.

Babybot has following settings and functions:

- Autoanswer for PM demand. Set to 0 if No PM.
- Autothanks for tips followed by the tipper's name;
- Random thanks-banners;
- Leaderboard: The top three tippers. There is also an option period in minutes that displays the leaderboard. Also shows 5 first tippers num icon before usernickname in chat messages, and in autothanks messages;
- Small gold crown for leader top-3;
- Tippers sum next usernickname;
- Random welcome messages followed by the user's name;
- Gender icons next user nicknames, grey gender icons for users without tokens;
- Original icon next nickname for broadcaster with the bold and dark-blue font in chat, original icons for king, mods, fanclubmembers;
- Models Adv. Banners rotation;
- Own models notice supportes;
- Anti-: Spam, rudeness, demands, graphics, caps, rudeness- filters for "grey" users. (Off by default);
- Sends copy of silenced messages to broadcaster;
- Rudeness chatfilter for has tokenes users;
- Non-english/russian chatfilter for hasn't tokens users;
- Typical Tip Menu with choice color (Off by default);
- Field for your Kings name. Also displeys crown next King's usernick in chat. Just write you King Nickname, or Nickname and his record tip (nnnmmm32 100500)
- HIDDEN CAM Show. For start show type /h [price] or /start [price] Type /s or /stop - for stop. Default price is 20 toks (if you don't write price in command, it will set to 20 tks).
- To see all supported commands: /help or /?

Check my another Apps - "Damy_Tip_Goal" and "Baby Tip Menu":
Damy_Tip_Goal: Auto-reset, Custom Goal-notice, doesnt changes room subject.
Baby Tip Menu: Single line or List Tip Menu, custom color, custom separ. characters.

If you like my Apps, you may some tokens for me on my Profile Page: (Bio)

If you have any necessities, or would like to order a bot, please mail me to


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