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Author: silici0
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Short Description:

Customize your panel with images

Full Description

Classic Auto-Reset Tip Goal by biron with customizable panel by silici0.

Choose Classic Panel, Table with color or image.
You can change Text, color text (in Table and Image) and backgroud (only in Table)

You can see all the images in the top Source Code section in "App images"

Example of panel with image
("Last tip..." in this app is "Last time reached" instead, and "Higest tip" is "Hit goal for x times"
I use the same examples from my Tip Goal Panel +)

More images soon.

Examples of panels with Table

Copy and paste to create your own app, upload your image to your new app and change default Image ID in the Launch panel.

This app will reset the goal you set for you every time you reach the goal.
This can be really useful if you want to do something where the goal is repetitive!
Also, you can see in the panel the following things:
- Tip Received / Goal (Total Received)
- The number of times the goal was reached
- How many minutes ago the goal was reached last

Broadcaster Commands:
- !settok# (# = number) = Set the number of tokens received to display.

- !setreached# (# = number) = Set the number of times the goal was reached (Resets the tokens received.)

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