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Hide or silence all messages containing words and phrases specified by you

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This bot lets you specify a list of words (bb, slut, etc.) and phrases (open boobs) that you wish to be blocked.
You can even ban specific graphics if you put the code for them in the word list (e.g. :plow)
You can also optionally ban words with lots of repeated letters (e.g. mmmmmm)
Broadcasters and moderators will not be silenced or censored by this script even if they use the banned words/phrases.

You can choose whether to just hide all messages containing these words/phrases or whether to also
automatically silence a user if they break these rules more than a specified number of times.

When a message with a banned word is detected, the user is warned that their message was rejected.
If you have auto-silence on, they will also be told how many warnings they have left.

Silenced users will be unable to say anything (even messages not containing the banned words).
The broadcaster and the moderators can unsilence individual users by typing commands in the chat window.
Optionally you can allow users to get themselves unsilenced by tipping - you choose the minimum amount of tokens for this.

To see the available commands, type /help into the chat window.
To see the number of messages blocked and users silenced, type /amstats in the chat window.


Because of the way chaturbate works, if you relaunch the bot, the list of silenced users will be emptied.
I cannot change this unless chaturbate adds new features for bots/apps (they are on their roadmap).

If you have feedback (positive or negative), you can use disqus below or you can get in touch with me directly
through twitter on @asdfghjkl28asd (I will share my email address through there if you need to go into detail).

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