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Anya96's Bio and Free Webcam

Real Name:
Anya Amsel
Birth Date:
Feb. 27, 1993
Interested In:
Men, Women, Transsexuals, Couples
Twitter @AnyaAmsel
Last Broadcast:
3 days, 16 hours
English & Mrowl
Body Type:
Smoke / Drink:
Body Decorations:
Nipples & Nose Pierced
Pics & Videos:
About Me:

Snap: PewzP6

Make a free cb account now! : http://chaturbate.com/affiliates/in/3Mc9 /QeVk6/?track=default

        Meow! Welcome to my room!
        Here you will find an awkward Anya who likes to be naked and see how many times I can squirt. I love you and hope my weirdness makes you smile! <3


        Some things I like:

        ♡  Movies: All Studio Ghibli, Amelie, Tarantino, Kubrick, David Lynch, Coen Brothers, Harold and Maude, Star Wars, LOTR&Hobbits;, Matrix, Everything Audrey Hepburn (millions more)

        ♡  Music: Classical, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Disclosure, XXYYXX, Crystal Castles, Pretty Lights, Emancipator, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Beck, White Stripes, The Beatles, She and Him (millions more)

        ♡  Games: Skyrim, Witcher3, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, Sims, Mortal Kombat, Tekken

        ♡  Series: Firefly, Buffy, Twin Peaks, Battlestar Galactica (newer), Twilight Zone, Lucky Star

        ♡  Reading: Sculptor in the Sky, You Can Heal Your Life, Bringers of the Dawn, Watchmen, Alice in Wonderland, Batman: The Killing Joke, The Picture of Dorian Grey, The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life Vol. 1 &2, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, a ton of New Age/Spiritual/Wicca/Pagan books

        ♡  Cooking/Baking/Eating

        ♡  Black Coffee & Tea

        ♡  Learning

        ♡  Nature and Animals

        ♡  Chatting and hanging out with you!

          Things that get you silenced:
            ♡  Asking for things/Begging
            ♡  Rudeness
            ♡  Any Disrespect towards Animals/Veganism or my spirituality
            ♡  Not reading the Bio!
            ♡  Sex Emotes
            ♡  Dirty Talk not in a tip note


          Commonly Asked Things:
            ♡  PM? Never. Just ask in chat or a tip note.
            ♡  Privates? Never.
            ♡  C2C/Skipe? Never.
            ♡  Sexuality? Pansexual.
            ♡  Will you marry me? No, I'm already married.
            ♡  Anal? Rarely, Please don't request it.
            ♡  Squirt? You must be new here...
            ♡  Facebook/Insta? Never.
            ♡  Do you wear contacts? Nope.
            ♡  Boob size? 34DD
            ♡  Are your boobs natural? Yes.
            ♡  Height? 5'10"

          Have a suggestion?
          Put it in a tip note of 96 tokens or more
          and I just may do it!

Wish List:

send giftcards to:    anya.amsel@hotmail.com
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