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Ameeelie's Bio and Free Webcam

Real Name:
👽😁Your royal weedness 👽😁
Birth Date:
Feb. 18, 1990
Interested In:
Men, Trans, Couples
😍@Rain_And_Ocean -> Twitter account !
Last Broadcast:
1 day, 2 hours
👽 English - and body language 🔞
Body Type:
☢️ Under construction ☢️
Smoke / Drink:
❤️Coffee addicted / Yes
Body Decorations:
❤️Belly/nose/nipples/clitoris - piercing / tattoo/ and the smile❤️
Pics & Videos:
About Me:



      • ⚶ Tip Any value from TipMenu ⚶
        easy 1 hand fapping instructions If you're reading this you're awesome
        TripleClick the text item, RightClick to Copy, Paste in chat, Then hit SendTip

        • Made by me

          • /tip 20 =Tongue OUT flash for 1minute-are we playing doctor/dentist AAAH;P
          • /tip 40 =Tongue OUT flash like a pornstar for 2minutes
          • /tip 15 =FEET cute french pedicure,feet flashes are cheap, like you
          • /tip 44 =Feet massage - you like tootsies and are slightly less cheap
          • /tip 25 =a Quick PM - keep it short
          • /tip 69 =Ask me a Sexual Question in PM- the best you can think add in tipnote you can be as Pervy as You want
          • /tip 103 = Hump pillow- it's so fluffy!
          • /tip 13 =Song request - seduce me with a song -insert a youtube link here in tipnote-
          • /tip 20 =Missionary with spread up legs
          • /tip 76 =Play Blackjack - You are in LasFap Vegas trying to win a picture set from the dealer
          • /tip 56 =Change position - watch me ballerina twirl into position
        • Flashes and soft play

          • /tip 20 =Eye contact with my babyblues look into your soul for 2 minutes
          • /tip 99 =Flash BooBS spoiler they're pierced
          • /tip 111 =Closeup of bouncing boobies boinkboink
          • /tip 102 =ASS closeup Flash DAT ASS rrr
          • /tip 112 =ASS spread and cute butthole winking -pucker up honey
          • /tip 155 =Pussy super Closeup of my petite Pussy, piercing is included
          • /tip 200 =Oil or Lotion boobies. Shiny!
          • /tip 200 =Oil or Lotion ASS. I think I'm becoming brazilian
          • /tip 200 =Oil or Lotion Pussy. lubed kitty oh ye
          • /tip 200 =Oil or Lotion feet. hot but not safe for walking
          • /tip 999 =IceIce nipples baby- Iceplay is Cool literally
          • /tip 1000 =Wet Tshirt - Well it's Not BayWatch but it's see through
        • NOT© to ameeelie

          • /tip 300 =For Small request you don't see on the list. Ask before tipping
          • /tip 301 =Put on my BDSM outfit
          • /tip 202 =Put Heels on off and walk
          • /tip 203 =Stockings or leggings ON maybe legwarmers if cold
          • /tip 203 =Stockings or leggings OFF- no more warm legs
          • /tip 51 =five hand spanks
          • /tip 353 =fifty hard hand-spanks. Halp my ass will be red
          • /tip 450 =fifty shades of paddle spanks. Awwchieeee FML
          • /tip 110 =Pussy handspank are you cwazy be gentle I have a piercing
          • /tip 150 =Make me shutup. tell me stop laughing. 2 minutes enjoy the silence
          • /tip 169 Act like a meowmeow kitty or woofwoof doggy. Yay Furries!
          • /tip 53 =Stand UP-Okay sir I'll stand up(not in the middle of cumshow)
          • /tip 75 =Turn off stupid music
        • Focus is on you. When you want to rub one out quickly tip something from here.

          • /tip 336 =BestPOV BLOWJOB you will see from me do on a dildo, jerking, tongue out Deluxe
          • /tip 333 =BestPOV Handjobdildo jerkoff your tokens can buy. Give me your moneyshot
          • /tip 436 =Double Dildo POV BLOWJOB yup with TWO dildos Perv Multitasking
          • /tip 107 =F0rced moaning -sexy, loud - mmm AAH UUHM AAH. You can put your name in tipnote too
          • /tip 305 =POV ASS rubbbing&twerking on a dildo. Slap the butthole with it
          • /tip 336 =TITSJOB on dildo with these big titties combo with tongue out maybe
          • /tip 222 =Footjob with oily toes&soles when you wanna cum. feetguys have to cum too
          • /tip 223 =JOI - verbal jerk off instructions just prepare yourself
          • /tip 2999= Buy a personalized Custom Video - So you can fap later. But first PM me your idea to see if I agree with it or not.
        • HardPlay with myself. Focus on me. Get me horny until you make me cum

          • /tip 113 =Start Playing with Pussy and Clit at the same time
          • /tip 202 =Finger ASS. oops you like the wrong hole
          • /tip 555 =Tail ButtPlug -wat wat in the BUTT
          • /tip 332 =DP with fingers finger ASS and finger Pussy
          • /tip 333 =Fuck Pussy Doggystyle with a sleek glasstoy
          • /tip 444 =Fuck Pussy And Ride with a BIG freaking Dildo
          • /tip 1222 =Panties pussy stuffing I can do magic tricks
          • /tip 6666 = Control lush when I'm outside offline in public sound and video via phone app.
          • /tip 1555 =ANAL WITH Glass Dildo. It won't make me cum but You are a naughty boy
          • /tip 3333 =Make me Do A CUMSHOW I NEED it

        /tip 499 =Snap.Chat For Life daily updates.Screenshots+chatting

          ⚙New Cookieland Benefits⚙

          Every time you rank up you get extra benefits as a member in my chat and all my appreciation. Read below what benefits you can achieve. Currently working listing even MORE member benefits, tune in Back next time to see if you get any new benefits.
          If you join my fanclub only $25.99/monthly then you automatically become a MegaCookie Member, you're more mega than megaman because you're a cookie too. You also get your username highlighted in Green in chat and all my appreciation and love.

          1. BasicCookies can request a free flash after they join.

          2. MegaCookies can request 2 flashes per month.

          3. GigaCookies can request 3 free flashes per month.

          4. TERRACookies can request 3 free flashes per month and 1 hardplay request.

          5. GODCookie means you just surpassed Super Saiyan you get FREE snap and 5 softplay + 2 hardplay requests per month at your request.


          Highest tipper cookie is gelogelo123 = 9000

            BasicCookie Member

            (1111 tokens)

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            MegaCookie Member

            (2222 tokens)

            (Empty spot)
            (Empty spot)

            GigaCookie Member

            (5333 tokens)

            (Empty spot)
            (Empty spot)

            TERRACookie Member

            (8393 tokens)

            (Empty spot)
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            (Empty spot)
            (Empty spot)

          Spoil me with Amazon Items I'll spoil you back with  jerk  off  video  material.