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Alphamasterjax's Bio and Free Webcam

Real Name:
Birth Date:
Oct. 21, 1988
Interested In:
Florida, United States
Last Broadcast:
3 days, 20 hours
Body Type:
Pics & Videos:
About Me:

------------------------ABOUT ME-----------------------

Daily Updates, Exclusive Vids and Pics- https://onlyfans.com/masterjax69

Email: Jax10060@gmail.com (Pvt Shows, Custom Vids, Gift Cards)
TWITTER: @MasterJax69 (Updated DAILY)
Name: Master Jax
Age: 29
Orientation: Straight, but let fags worship me
Shoe Size: 15US or 50EU
Height: 6'4''
Weight: 200lb
Dick: 8 REAL inches. I measure on the top of my dick, not from my balls. It's superior.

------------------------SERVE ME-----------------------

I am a man at the top of the evolutionary pyramid. I am tall, smart, handsome, and hung as fuck. I get whatever I want, and people thank me for allowing them to serve me. Serving me is your life's work. Contributing to my power and success is how you gain value in this world. Even an inferior like yourself can play a part in advancing the human race, and you do that by serving me.

Tokens are my favorite.

Amazon Gifts and Giftcards are awesome. Just go to my wishlist and purchase.

------------------------MY GOALS-----------------------

Many of you have been following me for years and watching me evolve into the superior Alpha King that I am today. You watched me use cam sites to fund 3.5 years of world-wide travel, and now I have returned back to the US.

My next goal is to save up approximately $20,000 to use as a down payment on a large boat - Approximately 34-38 feet in length. I am going to use your tokens to build up this cash savings, and I expect to have it done by my current lease ends. If things go as planned, I will move from this apartment onto my boat in the marina downtown.

My goal is to purchase the boat ($20k in cash and $10k as a loan from my family) by May 2018. I am primarily looking at Trawlers, which is a type of boat containing several decks, and is suitable for living aboard. $30,000 will purchase me a decent 1980's Trawler in good condition with 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, a couple outdoor decks and a separate shower.

I then plan to live aboard the boat in the marina that is right downtown for 6 months to a year while I make upgrades and repairs. Once I have her how I want her, I will be traveling the Intercoastal Waterway (ICW) which is a 3,000 mile waterway that runs around the Gulf of Mexico and Florida and up the eastern coast of the US all the way to Boston. I will also be able to travel to the Bahamas with this boat.

I will be streaming and showing off my alpha dick and feet while taking your cash each step of this amazing journey, and you are lucky to be invited along for the ride.

Those of you who have been following me for the last 10 years know that when I make a plan and set a long-term goal, I achieve it. A few years ago I made a plan to leave the US and travel abroad. Using my old webcam account I spent 3.5 years traveling all over the world (El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Denmark, and Mexico-- in that order) full-time without having to work. It was an amazing experience, and now I am about to have another one with my boat!!

If you think you recognize me... YES, I am who you think I am... and yes, I already know I have a huge dick haha. Now you know that too.

-------------HOW MUCH DO I MAKE?--------------

I aim for at least $100 per day (2,000 tokens) when I am active on Chaturbate. I usually do CB 5 days a week, and I typically jump on in the morning when I am most full of cum. I cum 2-3 times a day with or without chaturbate, and all of them are huge loads. I started this Aug 1st, 2017, and I have put over $3,000 (Updated Sept 1) in my Boat Savings Account thanks to your tokens! Keep it up, and keep buying my videos- that all adds to my total. I plan on buying my boat in 8 more months with all my fag cash. This is going to be 100% paid by YOU!

I first began financial domination in 2015, and since then I have taken over $170,000 in tributes from my slaves. My goal is to get that number to $1,000,000. If you feel compelled to serve me and tribute to my amazing life, huge feet, big dick, and alpha ass shoot me an email at Jax10060@gmail.com

Wish List: