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Si88's Bio and Free Webcam

Real Name:
Birth Date:
Sept. 23, 1988
Interested In:
Men, Women
Sheffield, United Kingdom
Last Broadcast:
16 hours, 42 minutes
Pics & Videos:
About Me:


Name: Miko
Sexuality: Im bisexual, which means I have no sexual preference and as such both men and women are welcome in my broadcasts of all sexualities. I do not prefer one over the other
Are you a student? No, I graduated a few years ago and no not from Sheffield or Sheffield hallam.

Are you single?: No. I'm in a relationship.
Does your partner know you broadcast?: Yes infact my partner broadcasts too : outofmyfknmind
What do you do? : Currently unemployed, with very rare chances at freelance work, so any tips I get really help!

Just a few rules:

I WILL ALWAYS respect anyone regardless of age, sexual orientation, gender etc. I will also ask that you as a user extend that respect to others in my broadcast chat. However the following applies:

No Demands or requests of any sort please, it will result in a caution and a silence for six hours

Please be respectful, as a rule only say things that you would if you met a Stranger. I only respect those who respect me and other users. Respect gets rewarded.

Please do not argue in my broadcast, if you have a problem with another user I ask that you take it elsewhere. If you have a legitimate complaint about another user you may feel free to email me at: Lets not ruin the experience for everyone

I will always back up my moderators as they are specially chosen, you should see their comments and decisions as my own. Email me if you feel you have been wrongly silenced.


You may click the Google+ / G+ icon in my Bio header to add me to Google+ circles. This is the only social media I use.

You can apply to have access to my passworded shows however, not all that apply will be successful. Only those that I trust will get the emails including the password.

Click here to apply for my emailer so that you can get into my passworded shows.

PLEASE NOTE: That once you fill in the form you will get an automatically generated email. Please ignore this email, it is just a confirmation that you are on the waiting list, it does not necessarily mean you have been approved for passwords. Thank you

Wish List:


Please use the for both Jcrew and amazon giftcards. When Promted at Jcrew Select 'E-Giftcard'

Click icons above! :)

This is a short notice about wishlists and gift cards.
I appreciate any gift card greatly but i must state i do not 'perform' or do requests for these items, the wishlist and gift card links are simply there if you would like to give something to me, as a thank you. I do not expect you to do this and provide my content free of charge but it is always a nice surprise :)

I plan this year to start my travelling adventure, as such all tip donations will go towards this endeavor. Want to suggest somewhere? email me :) (email under social media section of this bio) Planned so far (in no particular order):